CBSE Class 8 Geography Revision Notes

CBSE Class 8 Geography Chapter 1 – Resources Class 8 Notes

Resources Class 8 Revision Notes

The class 8 geography chapter 1 notes discuss the meaning and types of resources food all around us. Anything that is useful to us and can benefit us can be called a resource. This chapter also enumerates the several types of resources are, such as Natural Resources. These are the resources that are directly drawn from nature. Air, water, soil are all examples of Natural Resources. These are the resources are found in limited quantity and can easily be exhausted by human exploitation.

Humans can also be termed as resources as their knowledge, skill and technology can also be termed as resources. The chapter also lays emphasis on the optimum and careful utilization of resources. You can easily understand better with real-life instances. It encourages the students to learn the use of an alternate source of energy such as wind and solar energy.

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Sub-topics covered under Resources:

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