CBSE Class 8 Geography Revision Notes

CBSE Class 8 Geography Chapter 3 – Mineral and Power Resources Class 8 Notes

Mineral and Power Resources Class 8 Revision Notes

The class 8 geography chapter 3 notes explain to students in brief about what minerals are. It further goes on to elucidate the different types of minerals and how they are distributed all over the world. It covers the different continents to explain the distribution better. After that, the chapter focuses on the uses and the conservation of minerals. Other than that, the chapter also explains the power resources in detail. Students will learn about the different conventional sources like firewood, coal, petroleum, natural gas, hydel power and more.

After that, the chapter focuses on non-conventional sources of energy. The students will be able to understand more about solar energy, wind energy, nuclear power and geothermal energy. Moreover, tidal energy is also explained in brief over here. Students will learn about biogas which will help them enhance their knowledge of alternate options for energy.

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Sub-topics covered under Mineral and Power Resources:

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