CBSE Class 8 Geography Revision Notes

CBSE Class 8 Geography Chapter 5 – Industries Class 8 Notes

 Industries Class 8 Revision Notes

The class 8 geography chapter 5 notes are what helps the students to understand in a better manner about industries. It defines an industry clearly so that the basics of the student are cleared. After that, the chapter moves on to explain the classification of industries based on other things. In addition to that, it also enumerates the factors which affect the location of industries in various places. Thus, it helps greatly in understanding the factors which go into determining the same.

After that, the chapter throws light on the industrial system and industrial regions briefly. Other than that, students will learn about the distribution of major industries like iron and steel and more. It is explained with special reference to Indian cities. Finally, the chapter will give detailed information about the cotton textile industry for a clearer understanding of the functioning of the industry.

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Sub-topics covered under Industries:

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