CBSE Class 8 Geography Revision Notes

CBSE Class 8 Geography Chapter 6 – Human Resources Class 8 Notes

Human Resources Class 8 Revision Notes

Class 8 geography chapter 6 notes as Human Resources which are very simple and important. The chapter mainly focuses on all things which come in the category of human resources. It goes on to discuss the distribution of the population and how it is divided amongst the different countries of the world. Furthermore, it moves on to explain the density of a population. After this chapter, students will be able to successfully recognize the factors which impact the distribution of the population.

The population change over the years has also been explained in this chapter in detail. After that, the students will learn about the patterns of the population change and population composition. Thus, it not only helps in understanding the demographics but also the reasons for the population explosion. It gives a better sense of awareness to students and makes them realize the need for curbing population explosion.

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Sub-topics covered under Human Resources:

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