CBSE Revision Notes fro Class 10 Maths

CBSE Class 10 Maths Chapter 10 – Circles Class 10 Notes

Circles Class 10 CBSE Revision notes

Circles class 10 notes is a lesson of mathematics subject in class 10. In this chapter, the students will learn how to examine various situations that can arise when a circle and a line are present in a plane. This chapter teaches the meaning of a tangent to a circle and many other characteristics and properties of the circle. This chapter will help the students in learning all the important details about the circle that will help in clearing the doubts of the students.

There are some theorems in this chapter that will be useful for solving the questions and multiple problems in the exercise of this lesson. There are about 2 exercises in this chapter that will let the students practice the problems and questions. Circles class 10 notes has some word problems and prove questions also that are to be solved by the given theorems and formulas in the chapter.

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Sub-topics covered under Circles:

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circles class 10 notes

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