CBSE Revision Notes fro Class 10 Maths

CBSE Class 10 Maths Chapter 5 – Arithmetic Progression Class 10 Notes

Arithmetic Progression Class 10 CBSE Revision Notes

Arithmetic progression class 10 notes help in understanding the Chapter 5th chapter of class 10th Mathematics. It is also known as the arithmetic sequence. Also, it is a sequence of numbers that the difference between the successive terms is constant. Moreover, this sequence has a constant or progressive difference. You have observed that everything around us has a certain pattern. Furthermore, each number in the list is referred to as a term. And each term is in a pattern that can be positive or negative (means that can be add on or less). Besides, we obtain each term of the list by adding or subtracting a fixed number.

This is the first time that students were introduced to arithmetic progression in the syllabus. Also, arithmetic progression has a certain order and pattern. Arithmetic progression class 10 notes teach you how to solve and identify the pattern of arithmetic progression and how to find different nth terms (value of an unknown number of arithmetic progressions) that you do not know. Moreover, this chapter is very important not only from the examination point of view but also from future classes and examinations. You will also learn the various equations of an arithmetic progression.

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Sub-topics covered under Arithmetic Progression

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