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Aluminium Carbonate Formula

This article deals with aluminium carbonate formula. Aluminium carbonate refers to a carbonate of Aluminium. Furthermore, it is a water-insoluble Aluminium source whose conversion into other Aluminium compounds can easily occur. Moreover, there are problems with regard to its characterization.

What is Aluminium Carbonate?

One authority claims that Aluminium carbonates are not known. However, basic sodium Aluminium carbonate happens to be a known compound. Also, carbonate compounds emit carbon dioxide on treating them with dilute acids. Most noteworthy, there is the general immediate availability of Aluminium Carbonate in most volumes.

Aluminium Carbonate Formula

Aluminium carbonate does not exist in normal conditions. One can manufacture it with high pressure of carbon dioxide and temperature near 0°C. Furthermore, in order to store Aluminium Carbonate, one would require a very complex system to protect the substance against any external factors.

Derivation of Aluminium Carbonate Formula

The formula of aluminium carbonate is \(\left ( Al_{2}\left ( CO_{3} \right )_{3} \right )\). Generally speaking, aluminium has a charge of +3.

Furthermore, the electronic configuration of aluminium happens to be \(1s^{2}2s^{2}2p^{6}3s^{2}3p^{1}\).

Above all, what this electronic configuration means is that the 3p electron and the 2 3s electrons happen to be the outer valence electrons. Also, the rest of the electrons are lost to result in the formation of the +3 charge.

The carbonate ion has a -2 charge

1C = 1 × +4
3O = 3 × -2 = -6
+4 + -6 = -2

The chemical compounds certainly have zero net charge.

2 × (+3) + (-2) = 0

+6 + -6 = 0

Hence, the formula is \(\left ( Al_{2}\left ( CO_{3} \right )_{3} \right )\)

Preparation of Aluminium Carbonate

There is no evidence to suggest that the formation of aluminium Carbonate can take place in double displacement reactions. Furthermore, soluble carbonates can precipitate aluminium hydroxide to produce carbon dioxide. This is because soluble carbonate is considered alkaline.

Above all, the reaction of aluminium sulfate with sodium bicarbonate results in the formation of carbon dioxide and aluminium hydroxide. Moreover, aluminium hydroxide stabilizes the formation of foam. Also, this reaction was the basis of the invention of an early fire extinguisher.

Physical Properties of Aluminium Carbonate

Aluminium carbonate cannot exist in normal conditions. It would require a very complex system to store it. This is because of high chemical activity or other ambient factors. Furthermore, this complex system would protect aluminium carbonate from outside access. However, there is no big need for this substance. The compound lacks any significant scientific value in itself.

Uses of Aluminium Carbonate

Aluminium carbonate, along with aluminium oxide and aluminium hydroxide, is a drug that is phosphate-binding. Medical experts sometimes administer this drug to dogs and cats, in order to bind intestinal phosphate.

Furthermore, this drug resists the absorption of dietary phosphate and also diminishes the absorption of phosphorus which comes from the pancreas. Moreover, its use in humans is seldom. This is due to concerns regarding its toxicity. Dogs and cats certainly do not possess a toxic response to their presence.

Aluminium carbonate is effective in preventing urinary stones formation in humans. Also, it is effective as a medical drug in cases of a surplus amount of stomach acid. Some of these cases can be inflammations and ulcerations.
Aluminium carbonate treats only the symptoms, but it does not have any real effect on the disease itself.

Furthermore, one can take this drug as a pill or in liquid form. Above all, one must be careful when using aluminium carbonate and should consult a medical expert before using it. Those with kidney disease should definitely avoid it. Moreover, aluminium carbonate makes possible the control of phosphate levels in one’s body.

Solved Question For You

Question- What is aluminium carbonate and its formula?

Answer- Aluminium carbonate is a carbonate of aluminium that does not exist in normal conditions. Also, the formula of aluminium carbonate is \(\left ( Al_{2}\left ( CO_{3} \right )_{3} \right )\).

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