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Aluminium Chloride Formula

This article deals with the aluminium chloride formula. Aluminium chloride happens to be the main compound of aluminium and chlorine. It is white in color but its samples are often of yellow color. This is due to the contamination of iron(III) chloride.

What is Aluminium Chloride?

Aluminium chloride has a low boiling and melting point. Moreover, its production and consumption take place in the production of aluminium metals. Also, experts often refer to aluminium chloride as Lewis acid.

Aluminium Chloride Formula

Aluminium chloride is an example of inorganic compound that undergoes reversible changes from a polymer to a monomer at a clement temperature. Aluminium chloride is very deliquescent and can explode in contact with water. Moreover, the sublimation of aluminium chloride takes place at 178 ° C. Also, it happens to be a poor conductor of electricity.

Derivation of Aluminium Chloride Formula

The chemical formula of aluminium chloride happens to be \(AlCl_{3}\). This formula implies that three chloride ions are required for one aluminium ion.

According to a general rule in chemistry, an atom gains or loses electrons in order to have a total of eight electrons in the outermost shell. Aluminium contains three electrons in the outermost shell. In contrast, chlorine contains seven electrons in its outer shell.

Aluminium has a need to get rid of three electrons. Consequently, the inner electron shell would become the outer shell, which already has eight electrons. Furthermore, chlorine has seven electrons in its outer shell. Therefore, chlorine has one empty space available.

So, in case aluminium and chlorine come close, they would be a help to each other. In terms of electrons, chlorine is the greedy one. One aluminium is capable of losing three electrons. Hence, three atoms of chlorine will pull those three electrons. Ultimately, this stabilizes the aluminium. Moreover, stabilization of the chlorine atoms also takes place because of the filling of the one empty space.

This electron provides four charged particles. Furthermore, these four electrons stick together due to the attraction of the opposite charges. Aluminium chloride is devoid of any net charge. Moreover, it is neutral like all ionic compounds. Most noteworthy, one can write the aluminium chloride formula as

\(Al^{+3} + 3Cl^{-1}\rightarrow AlCl_{3}\)

Chemical Properties of Aluminium Chloride

Aluminium chloride happens to be a white compound comprising aluminium and chloride. Contamination of this compound can happen due to iron trichloride. The solid form tends to have very low melting and boiling points.

Furthermore, in its anhydrous form devoid of any water, aluminium chloride has a strong reaction with both water and base. Hence, it is quite important to keep the compound away from substances that have either water or base. Even moisture traces can trigger a reaction with aluminium chloride.

Uses of Aluminium Chloride

The major use for aluminium chloride is the Friedel-Crafts reaction. An example of this can be the preparation of anthraquinone from phosgene and benzene. In the general Friedel-Crafts reaction, an alkyl halide or acyl chloride undergoes reaction with an aromatic system.

The major product with benzene derivatives is the para isomer. There certainly are many associated problems with the alkylation reaction. Consequently, it has lesser usage than the acylation reaction. For both reactions, the aluminium chloride, the materials, and equipment must be dry up to a moderate limit.

One can use aluminium chloride to introduce aldehyde groups onto the aromatic rings. For instance, the Gatterman-Koch reaction which makes use of hydrogen chloride, carbon monoxide, and copper chloride. \(AlCl_{3}\) is used widely for polymerization and isomerization and polymerization reactions related to hydrocarbons.

Moreover, significant examples include ethylbenzene manufacture. Ethylbenzene is essential in making styrene and consequently polystyrene.

Solved Question For You

Question- What is aluminium chloride and its formula?

Answer- Aluminium chloride is the main compound of aluminium and chlorine that is white in color. Moreover, the chemical formula of aluminium chloride happens to be \(AlCl_{3}\).

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