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Aluminium Hydroxide Formula

This article deals with aluminium hydroxide formula. Aluminium hydroxide refers to an inorganic compound that contains aluminium. It is used in various immunologic preparations for the purpose of improving immunogenicity.

What is Aluminium Hydroxide?

Aluminium hydroxide adjuvant comprises aluminium hydroxide gel in saline solution. Moreover, aluminium hydroxide is an inorganic salt that has usage as an antacid. Also, it is a basic compound that neutralizes the hydrochloric acid in gastric secretions. Aluminium hydroxide is amphoteric in nature.

Aluminium Hydroxide Formula

Experts sometimes refer to aluminium hydroxide as aluminic acid. In nature, it exists in the form of mineral gibbsite and polymorphs which include bayerite, nordstrandite, and doyleite. Furthermore, this inorganic basic compound is useful as an intermediary in organic synthesis and in chemical industries.

Derivation of Aluminium Hydroxide Formula

The formula of aluminium hydroxide happens to be \(Al\left ( OH \right )_{3}\).

Aluminium has Al as its chemical symbol. Moreover, it carries a charge of 3+. On the other hand, hydroxide happens to be a molecule that involves two elements. These two elements certainly are hydrogen and oxygen. Also, \(OH^{1-}\) is the chemical formula for hydroxide.

Aluminium is the cation, while the anion is the hydroxide. Hence, we have \(Al\left ( OH \right )_{3}\). This is due to the criss-cross of the charges as it’s an ionic compound. Furthermore, a transfer of electrons takes place. Consequently, aluminium’s 3+ charge goes to hydroxide. Similarly, the 1- charge of hydroxide goes to aluminium.

Preparation of Aluminium Hydroxide

Aluminium hydroxide is available in many geological systems in nature. In spite of this, its production mostly takes place by the Bayer and sintering processes. Moreover, these processes can result in obtaining alumina from the mineral bauxite.

Consequently, obtainment of 97% of the world aluminium hydroxide takes place through the treatment of bauxite and yielding of sodium aluminate takes place with caustic soda. Further decomposition takes place by stirring to achieve aluminium hydroxide precipitate:

\(NaAl\left ( OH \right )_{4}\rightarrow Al\left ( OH \right )_{3}+NaOH\)

There certainly are various other processes to obtain aluminium hydroxide. Furthermore, these processes are the micro-emulsion, the hydrothermal technique, and the Sol-gel. Most noteworthy, a much higher level purity compound can result from these methods.

Physical Properties of Aluminium Hydroxide

Aluminium hydroxide happens to be odorless in nature. Furthermore, it is a white amorphous solid. The density happens to be \(2.42 g mL^{-1}\). Moreover, the melting point of aluminium is 300 ºC. Also, aluminium chloride is insoluble in water and ethanol. Nevertheless, it is soluble in alkalis solutions and acids.

Chemical Properties of Aluminium Hydroxide

Aluminium hydroxide happens to be an amphoteric compound. This means that aluminium hydroxide shows acidic or basic characteristics. Moreover, the substance is soluble in both acids and alkalis solutions, a can be seen below:

\(Al\left ( OH \right )_{3}\) + \(3H^{+}\rightarrow Al^{+3}+H_{2}0\)
\(Al\left ( OH \right )_{3}\) + \(OH^{-}\rightarrow AlO_{2-}+H_{2}O\)

Uses of Aluminium Hydroxide

Aluminium hydroxide has significant uses in the chemical industry. Furthermore, these uses of aluminium hydroxide are as rubber, plastic, epoxy resin filler, polymer, flame retardant, and additive for glass/plastic. In pharmacy, aluminium hydroxide is effective as an antacid for the treatment of ulcer and gastritis.

Also, medical experts use it in some vaccines. Aluminium hydroxide works efficiently in the excipient production of some drugs. Experts use this substance mostly as a raw material during the production of alumina to result in the formation of aluminium metal.

Safety Hazards of Aluminium Hydroxide

There is no doubt aluminium hydroxide has several benefits. However, in spite of this, the substance has some safety hazards associated with it. In high concentrations, aluminium hydroxide causes serious health damage. Furthermore, it can be dangerous if it enters the lungs.

Solved Question For You

Question- What is aluminium hydroxide and its formula?

Answer- Aluminium hydroxide is an inorganic compound that contains aluminium. Moreover, the formula of aluminium hydroxide happens to be \(Al\left ( OH \right )_{3}\).

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