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Aluminium Sulfide Formula

This article deals with aluminium sulfide formula. Aluminium sulfide refers to a grey chemical compound. Furthermore, the compound readily hydrolyzes in the air to result in the formation of hydrogen sulfide. Moreover, aluminium sulfide is a greyish solid that consists of a strong sulfide smell. Let us study more about it.

What is Aluminium Sulfide?

Aluminium sulfide is a chemical compound. Most noteworthy, it has six forms which are crystalline in nature. The preparation of aluminium sulfide takes place by thermite like reaction between aluminium powders and sulfur.

Aluminium sulfide is also known as dialuminium trisulfide. Furthermore, it is an inorganic compound that has considerable usage as a raw material when the synthesis of a hydrogen sulfide takes place. This compound happens to be moderately water and acid-soluble. Moreover, aluminium sulfide has an interesting structural history and it exists in several forms. Also, the substance is sensitive to water, it hydrolyzes to hydrated aluminium oxides/hydroxides.

Derivation of Aluminium Sulfide Formula

The formula of aluminium sulfide happens to be \(Al_{2}S_{3}\). Sometimes, this compound exists in the hydrate form. Furthermore, in such a form, the various number of water molecules hydrate it. The formation of this compound takes place by two cation \(Al^{3+}\) and three anions \(S^{2-}\). Consequently, its formula turns out to be \(Al_{2}S_{3}\). Several crystal structures of aluminium sulfide are certainly possible. Some of these crystal structures are hexagonal, tetragonal, and trigonal.

Preparation of Aluminium Sulfide

Preparation of aluminium sulfide takes place in an efficient manner by the ignition of the elements

2 Al + 3 S \(\rightarrow Al_{2}S_{3}\)

This reaction tends to be extremely exothermic. As a result, it is not necessary or preferable to heat the whole mass of the sulfur-aluminium mixture. However, one notable exception here is that very small amounts of reactants can be heated. The creation of the product will take place in a form that is fused.

Most noteworthy, in such a form, it can reach a very high temperature. This temperature is greater than 1100 °C. Consequently, due to such a high temperature, there develops a huge probability that the melting of the steel can take place. Above all, the cooled product tends to be very hard.

Physical Properties of Aluminium Sulfide

Aluminium Sulfide Formula

Aluminium sulfide is a solid that has a grey to black color. The density of this compound is \(2.02 g mL^{-1}\). The compound has a high melting point at 1100 °C. Similarly, the boiling point of aluminium sulfide is also high at 1500 °C, at this temperature its sublimation takes place. Moreover, aluminium sulfide tends to decompose in the water, while it is insoluble in acetone.

Chemical Properties of Aluminium Sulfide

Chemically speaking, aluminium sulfide has a similar nature to the other metal sulfides. Furthermore, this means that it is slightly soluble in water while being largely soluble in acid solutions. Moreover, in the presence of sodium or potassium bases, it forms sodium sulfide after the reaction. Sodium sulfide is an irritant that affects the eyes and skin.

Uses of Aluminium Sulfide

Aluminium sulfide has considerable usage in the preparation of hydrogen sulfide Furthermore, hydrogen sulfide is a compound that has a huge impact on the chemical industry. Moreover, experts make use of this aluminium sulfide in the manufacturing of cathodes that contain batteries of lithium-sulfur solid-state. Along with these applications, aluminium sulfide happens to be a part of the production processes of various compounds, for example, ethanethiol.

Safety Hazards of Aluminium Sulfide

Aluminium sulfide is highly toxic in nature. Consequently, it is very dangerous for the health of individuals. Moreover, it can prove fatal if one inhales it. Also, severe damage to the nervous system can take place. This compound can also cause blood damage in the body.

Solved Question For Aluminium Sulfide Formula

Question- What is aluminium sulfide and its formula?

Answer- Aluminium sulfide refers to a grey chemical compound and its formula is \(Al_{2}S_{3}\).

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