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Barium Bromide Formula

This article deals with the barium bromide formula. Barium bromide refers to a chemical compound that is like barium chloride. Furthermore, this compound dissolves well in water and it also happens to be toxic. Moreover, it happens to be bromide of barium and bromine. Also, it is a precursor to chemicals whose usage takes place in photography. Barium bromide is also a precursor to other bromides.

Barium Bromide Formula

What is Barium Bromide?

Barium bromide is an Earth metal that is metallic alkaline in nature. In nature, this compound never occurs in pure form. This is because of the reactivity of barium bromide with air. Furthermore, barium bromide combines with chemicals like oxygen and sulfur or carbon to result in the formation of barium compounds.

Moreover, these barium compounds may exist as minerals. Also, bromine happens to be a halogen element. Diatomic bromine certainly does not exist naturally. One can find bromine salts in crustal rock.

Derivation of Barium Bromide Formula

The barium bromide formula is also called as barium (2+) dibromide formula. Barium bromide acts as a simple salt when it is in aqueous form. Moreover, this salt crystallizes in lead chloride motif to result in the formation of white crystals that are deliquescent orthorhombic.

Most noteworthy, the chemical or molecular formula of barium bromide is \(BaBr_{2}\). One can synthesize barium (2+) dibromide from barium sulfide or barium carbonate by reacting it with hydrochloric acid. This reaction results in the formation of hydrated barium bromide.

Properties of Barium Bromide

The molecular weight of barium bromide is 297.13 g/mol. Barium bromide belongs to a class of inorganic compounds. Furthermore, experts call this class of inorganic compounds as alkaline earth metal bromides. Moreover, barium bromide is an inorganic compound. Also, the largest halogen atom in this inorganic compound is bromine. The heaviest metal atom in barium bromide is lanthanide.

Barium bromide can crystallize in a lead chloride motif. Moreover, this crystallization results in the formation of orthorhombic crystals that are white and deliquescent. In aqueous solution, barium bromide acts as a simple salt. Furthermore, barium bromide solutions react with sulfate salts.

This reaction with sulfate salts results in the formation of a solid precipitate of barium sulfate. Similar reactions can take place with hydrofluoric acid, oxalic acid, and phosphoric acid, which result in the formation of solid precipitates of barium oxalate, fluoride, and phosphate, respectively.

Uses of Barium Bromide

Barium bromide acts as a precursor to chemicals whose usage takes place in photography. Moreover, this compound also acts as a precursor to other bromides.

Historically speaking, experts made use of barium bromide to purify radium in a process known as fractional crystallization. This process of fractional crystallization was devised by Marie Curie. Radium precipitates preferentially in a barium bromide solution. So, the ratio of radium to barium in the precipitate will certainly be higher than the solution’s ratio.

Health Hazards of Barium Bromide

Barium can block the passive influx of intracellular potassium. This causes a shift of potassium from the compartment of extracellular to intracellular. Consequently, there is a decreased resting membrane potential which makes the muscle fibers electrically unexcitable. This ultimately results in paralysis.

Bromine certainly is a powerful oxidizing agent that can release free oxygen radicals from the water that exist in mucous membranes. Moreover, these free radicals happen to be potent oxidizers that can cause tissue damage. Also, the formation of bromic acids results in secondary irritation. The bromide can impact the central nervous system, causing bromism.

Solved Question For You

Question- What is Barium bromide and what is barium bromide formula?

Answer- Barium bromide is a bromide of barium and bromine that acts as a simple salt in aqueous form. The formula of barium bromide is \(BaBr_{2}\).

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