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Barium Hydroxide Formula

We also know the barium hydroxide as ‘baryta’ with the formula i.e. Ba(OH)2. It is a powder that is crystal white in color and has no odor. Moreover, it is very poisonous in nature due to some of its dangerous characteristics. It is ionic in nature for example, Ba(OH)2(barium hydroxide) in aqueous solution can give 2 hydroxide ions/molecule. However, the barium hydroxide is the only reagent we describe for metalizing carboxamides. In addition, the barium hydroxide was less degradative than the barium oxide. Let’s take a look at Barium Hydroxide Formula below.

Formula and Structure

The barium hydroxide has a chemical formula i.e. Ba(OH)2. It can be available in 3 types that are anhydrous, monohydrate and octal hydrate with the molar mass of 171.34 g mol-1, 189.955 and 315.46 g mol-1respectively. The structure of the compound is formed with 2 hydroxyl anions, (OH) and 1 barium cation (Ba2+).

If it is hydrated then one or eight water molecules will be in the surrounding of the cations and the anions. In addition, its chemical structure is present below in the form of an image, in the common representations that we basically use for the organic molecules.

Barium Hydroxide Formula

                                         Source: Pubchem


The barium hydroxide is commonly present in nature, as it is present in so many minerals.


We can prepare the barium hydroxide by the process of reacting the barium oxide (BaO) with the water (H2O):

BaO + 9H2O Ba(OH)2• 8H2O

Physical Properties

Barium hydroxide is a white color solid that has no odor. Barium hydroxide has a density of 3.743 g mL-1(in monohydrate form) and 2.18 g mL-1(in octahydrate form). The melting points are 78 ºC (in octahydrate form), 300 ºC (in monohydrate form), and 407 ºC (in, anhydrous form). The boiling point is about 780 ºC. All the 3 forms are slightly soluble with water at low temperatures but the solubility in water increases with the increase in temperature.

Chemical Properties

The barium hydroxide produces alkali solutions when we dissolve it in water due to the release of the hydroxyl anions. Barium hydroxide is useful for making the barium salts because it can react with sulphuric, phosphoric and other acids to produce the respective salts such as barium phosphate, etc.


The barium hydroxide is capable of using it as a source of barium to produce other barium salts such as barium phosphate, barium sulfide and barium sulfate that we are using in the chemical industry in various diverse processes. Moreover, we can also use the barium hydroxide in an analytical standard for the titration of the weak acids due to its alkali features.

Laboratory Uses

Barium hydroxide is used in analytical chemistry, particularly for organic acids. However, its clear aqueous solution is to make sure to be free of carbonate, unlike those of the sodium hydroxide and potassium hydroxide, as barium carbonate is not soluble inside the water.

This permits the use of indicators such as the phenolphthalein or the thymolphthalein (with changes in the alkaline color), without the risk of the titration errors due to the presence of the carbonate ions, that are very less basic.

Health Effects and Safety Hazards

It can cause many health damages and it reacts violently with the other chemical compounds.

Solved Example for You

Question: What is the pH level of a 0.10 M solution of the barium hydroxide, Ba(OH)2?

Solution: pH = 13.30.


Barium hydroxide is a very strong base for both the stages of dissociation process:

Ba(OH)2(s) →Ba2++ 2OH−

So, the solution will have 0.20 M of hydroxide ions. Now use the auto dissociation product for the water (H2O):




And then pH = −log10([H+]=5.0×10−14) = 13.30.

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