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Calcium Iodide Formula

Calcium Iodide is an inorganic compound which is made of calcium and iodine elements. Its chemical formula is very simple for a student to memorize. The chemist can form this compound by using anyone out of calcium oxide, calcium carbonate or calcium hydroxide with hydrochloric acid. In this article, we will discuss the Calcium Iodide formula along with its chemical structure, uses, and properties. Let us learn it!

Calcium Iodide Formula

What is Calcium Iodide?

Calcium Iodide is the compound that is useful in medicines as well as for photography. Calcium i.e. Ca is the element in one of the alkaline-earth metals. It is the abundant metallic element in the human body as well as the fifth most abundant element in Earth’s crust. But Calcium does not occur naturally in the Free State, although its compounds are widely distributed. One such calcium compound is lime i.e. calcium oxide, CaO.

The human body is having 2% calcium and its major sources are milk, milk products, fish, and green leafy vegetables. Calcium Iodide is the inorganic compound. It is colorless deliquescent solid and highly soluble in water. Its properties are similar to those for similar kinds of salts like calcium chloride. It is useful in photography extensively. It is also useful in cat food as a source of iodine.

The formula for Calcium Iodide:

Calcium reacts with the iodine gas to produce calcium iodide compounds. This reaction takes place at a temperature of 200-400 degrees C.

Its chemical equation is:

\(Ca + I_2  \rightarrow CaI_2\)


Its color is white. Its melting point is 779 degrees C. It is easily soluble in acetone and alcohol. Its boiling point is 1100 degrees C. Its acid reaction will release the hydrogen iodide. Dehydrated chemical compounds for it is \(CaI_2\). \(2H_2O\) with a molecular weight of 330.02. It is mostly used for analysis reagents, photography, and pharmaceutical industries.

Solved Examples on Calcium Iodide Formula

Q.1: What is the molecular weight of Calcium Iodide?


\(Ca I_2\)

Molecular weight is:

= 40.078 + 2 × 126.90447

= 293.88694 gram per mole.

Thus, the molecular weight of Calcium Iodide 293.88694 gram per mole.

Q.2: Write down some chemical reactions of \(CaI_2\).

Solutions: Some popular chemical reactions of \(CaI_2\) are as follows:

  • \(CaI_2 + Hg{(NO_3)}_2 \rightarrow HgI_2 + Ca{(NO3)}_2 \)
  • \(Mg{(NO3)}_2+ CaI2 \rightarrow Ca{(NO3)}_2+ MgI2 \)
  • \(Na_2SO_4 + CaI_2 \rightarrow 2 NaI + CaSO_4 \)
  • \(CaI_2 + H_2SO_4 \rightarrow 2 HI + CaSO_4 \)
  • \(CaI_2 + K_2SO_4 \rightarrow CaSO_4 + 2 KI \)

Q.3: What are some health hazards of Calcium Iodide?

Solution: It may cause eye irritation and damage to some persons. It may cause inflammation of the skin on contact in some persons. If excessive concentrations of it are inhaled then damage to the circulatory or nervous systems or kidney damage is possible.

Its long term exposure may cause changes in lung function i.e. pneumoconiosis. Its prime symptoms are breathlessness and lung shadows show on X-ray. Iodides may give rise to local allergic reactions such as hives, rupture of skin blood vessels, and pain in joints. Swelling and inflammation of the throat, irritated and swollen eyes and lung swelling may also occur. Swelling of the glottis, necessitating a tracheotomy has been reported.

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