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Cobalt II Sulfate Formula

What is Cobalt II Sulfate?

This article deals with the cobalt II sulfate formula. Cobalt II Sulfate refers to an odorless solid that has a rose-pink color. It mixes with water as well as sinks in it. Moreover, it is a metallic salt that is toxic in nature. Usage of cobalt II sulfate takes place in various electrochemical industries. Exposure to this salt can result in the irritation of the eyes, skin, and respiratory tract.

Cobalt II Sulfate Formula

Cobalt II sulfate refers to an inorganic compound. Furthermore, this compound is insoluble in ammonia. It has a variety of uses such as a coloring agent, drier in inks and paints, supplement for Vitamin B12 deficiency, etc.

Derivation of Cobalt II Sulfate Formula

The chemical or molecular formula of cobalt II sulfate is \(CoSO_{4}.\left ( H_{2}O \right )_{7}\). Usually, the hydrate \(CoSO_{4}.7H_{2}O\) refers to cobalt sulfate. This hydrate happens to be the most commonly available cobalt salts.

Properties of Cobalt II Sulfate

Cobalt II sulfate has an odorless nature. Its physical appearance has a color of rose-pink. The melting point of cobalt II sulfate is at a temperature of 735 °C. Moreover, its solubility in water is 330 g/L at a temperature of 20 °C.

Also, this inorganic compound dissolves slowly in boiling water.  Its solubility in methanol is 1.04 g/100 mL at a temperature of 18 °C. Furthermore, cobalt II sulfate is insoluble in water.

The stability of cobalt II sulfate is 3.71 at 25 °C/4 °C. Furthermore, this inorganic is stable at 708 °C. On contact with heat, cobalt II sulfate decomposes.  Moreover, on decomposition, it emits toxic fumes of SOx. Cobalt II sulfate decomposes on heating to 735 °C.

A reaction takes place between dust and strong oxidants due to this decomposition. This certainly increases the probability of fire and explosion hazards. Also, cobalt II sulfate has concentrations of hydrogen ions in a moderate amount. The pH’s of cobalt II sulfate happens to be less than 7.0. At a temperature of 20 °C, the evaporation of cobalt II sulfate is negligible.

Preparation of Cobalt II Sulfate

The preparation of cobalt II sulfate takes place by the reaction of metallic oxide, its oxide, carbonate, or hydroxide along with sulfuric acid in an aqueous state.

Uses of Cobalt II Sulfate

Experts obtain cobalt from ores via the sulfate in many cases. Hydrated cobalt II sulfate has usage in the preparation of pigments. Furthermore, cobalt II sulfate also has usage in the manufacture of various other cobalt salts. Experts make use of cobalt pigment in glass and porcelains.

Cobalt(II) sulfate is used in electroplating baths and storage batteries. This inorganic compound also has usage in sympathetic inks. Some individuals make use of this compound as an additive to animal feeds and soils. For these purposes, the production of cobalt sulfate takes place by treating cobalt oxide with sulfuric acid.

Health Issues with Cobalt II Sulfate

Cobalt is important for higher forms of life. However, a quantity of cobalt that exceeds more than a few milligrams per day can turn out to be harmful. Poisonings resulting due to cobalt compounds is a rare occurrence. Furthermore, there exists some evidence for carcinogenicity, in case this salt is inhaled.

Exposure to cobalt II sulfate can cause severe irritation. Moreover, this irritation takes place in the skin, eyes, and respiratory tract. Furthermore, this inorganic compound has a negative impact on the vital organs of the body like kidneys, lungs, and heart.

Solved Question For You

Question- What is cobalt II sulfate and its formula?

Answer- Cobalt II sulfate refers to an inorganic compound that is an odorless solid and it has a rose-pink color. Moreover, The chemical or molecular formula of cobalt II sulfate is \(CoSO_{4}.\left ( H_{2}O \right )_{7}\).

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