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Iron II Oxide Formula

What is Iron II Oxide?

This article deals with the iron II oxide formula. Iron II oxide refers to an inorganic compound that is also known as ferrous oxide. Furthermore, it is one of several iron oxides. Moreover, it is a black colored powder that one can confuse with rust. Also, iron II oxide belongs to a family of related non-stoichiometric compounds.

Iron II Oxide Formula

Approximately 9% of the Earth’s mantle is made up of iron II oxide. Within the mantle, it probably is electrically conductive. This certainly is a good explanation for perturbations that happen in Earth’s rotation. These perturbations are not accounted for by accepted models of the mantle’s properties.

Derivation of Iron II Oxide Formula

The formula of iron II oxide happens to be FeO. Iron happens to be a transition metal. This means that iron can donate multiple electrons in chemical reactions. In the presence of oxygen gas, oxidization of iron takes place. The formation of iron II oxide takes place when complete oxidization of iron does not occur.

\(2Fe+O_{2}\rightarrow 2FeO\)

Every oxygen atom is in need of two electrons to fill the outer shell. In this particular case, the donation of two electrons takes place by one iron atom to one oxygen atom. At this point, the Roman numeral II comes after the symbol of iron.

What this means is that each iron atom becomes the ion \(Fe^{+2}\) and each oxygen atom becomes the oxide ion \(O^{-2}\). These ions are oppositely charged and as a result of that, they attract each other. Consequently, we get the formula FeO. Another name for FeO is the mineral wustite.

Properties of Iron II Oxide

Iron II oxide is a dry powder that is black in color. Furthermore, the melting point of iron II oxide is 1377 °C. Moreover, this inorganic compound is practically insoluble in water and alkalies. Also, iron II oxide happens to be readily soluble in acids.

This compound is insoluble in alcohol. 6.0 g/cu cm is the density of iron II oxide. 2.23 is the index of refraction of this inorganic compound. Easy oxidization of iron II oxide happens due to air. It also happens to be a strong base and readily absorbs carbon dioxide.

Uses of Iron II Oxide

Iron II oxide happens to be a common ingredient in various substances around us. It is a black powder that experts make use of to make dyes and pigments for pottery glazes. Furthermore, iron II oxide has an FDE-approval for use in cosmetics. Moreover, the use of this compound takes place in various tattoo inks. Also, one can use it as a phosphate remover from home aquaria.

Water can certainly attach to iron II oxide. When water attaches to iron II oxide molecules it results in the formation of a greenish color. In this form. it happens to be a component of green heat-absorbing glass. Such a heat-absorbing glass is common in cars and windows in buildings.

Experts use glasses in various greenhouses where plants grow indoors. Furthermore, the tinting of such glasses takes place by making use of greenish-colored glass.

The steel that experts use to build buildings and make cars is mostly obtained from the refinement of iron II oxide. Therefore, iron II oxide is certainly an important component in manufacturing.

Solved Question For You

Question- What is iron II oxide and its formula?

Answer- Iron II oxide refers to an inorganic compound that is one of the several iron oxides and it belongs to a family of related non-stoichiometric compounds. Furthermore, the formula of iron II oxide happens to be FeO.

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