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Iron III Hydroxide Formula

What is Iron III Hydroxide?

This article deals with the iron III hydroxide formula. Iron III hydroxide refers to a chemical compound that comprises of iron, oxygen, and hydrogen. Furthermore, depending on the hydration, particle shape, and crystal structure, variation in the color of iron III hydroxide takes place from dark-brown to black. Moreover, this compound is insoluble in water. Also, its usage takes place as a phosphate binder in aquarium water treatment. Iron III hydroxide is also known as ferric hydroxide and hydrated iron oxide.


Iron III Hydroxide Formula

Derivation of Iron III hydroxide Formula

The molecular formula of iron III hydroxide is \(Fe\left ( OH \right )_{3}\) or \(FeH_{3}O_{3}\). It is made up of oxygen, hydrogen, and iron.

Properties of Iron III Hydroxide

The molecular weight of iron III hydroxide is 106.87 g/mol. Moreover, the hydrogen bond donor count for this compound is 3. 3 also happens to be the hydrogen bond acceptor count. However, the rotatable bond count for iron III oxide is zero.

Furthermore, the exact mass of this compound is 106.943155 g/mol. On the other hand, the monoisotopic mass of iron III hydroxide is 106.943155 g/mol. Iron III hydroxide happens to be dark orange crystal at room temperature.

Iron III hydroxide has a topological polar surface area of 3 Ų. Furthermore, the heavy atom count of iron III hydroxide is 4. The covalently-bonded unit count of iron III hydroxide is 4. This compound happens to be canonicalized.

Also, the undefined bond stereocenter count, the defined atom stereocenter count, the undefined atom stereocenter count, and the isotope atom count of this compound all happen to be zero.

Amorphous Iron III Hydroxide Crystallization

Hydrolysis of ferric solutions can initially lead to mono- and dinuclear species. Furthermore, these species interact to result in the production of further species of higher nuclearity. These polynuclear species age eventually either to an amorphous precipitate (amorphous iron(III) hydroxide hydrate) or to crystalline compounds.

Amorphous iron(III) hydroxide hydrate happens to be thermodynamically unstable. Moreover, its gradual transformation takes place to \(\alpha -Fe_{2}O_{3}\) and α-FeO(OH). The formation of these crystalline products takes place by competing mechanisms. Also, the proportion of each in the final product is in accordance with the relative rates of formation.

The master variable that governs the rates at which the formation of these compounds takes place is pH. Other important factors certainly are the presence of additives and temperature. Most additives result in retardation of the transformation.

Furthermore, suppressing the formation of α-FeO(OH) can lean to an escalation in the amount of \(\alpha -Fe_{2}O_{3}\) present in the product. There are some additives that directly promote the latter compound to form. Metal ions often result in the replacement of a proportion of Fe in the \(\alpha -Fe_{2}O_{3}\) and  α-FeO(OH) lattices.

At high enough concentrations, they can induce additional phases to form. Also, additives can also cause modification in the morphology of the crystalline products.

Chemical Reactions of Iron III Hydroxide

The important chemical reactions involving iron III hydroxide are as follows:

\( Fe Cl_{3} + 3 NaOH \rightarrow Fe(OH)_{3} \downarrow + 3 NaCl \)

\( Fe Cl_{3} + 3 Na_{4}OH \rightarrow Fe(OH)_{3} \downarrow + 3 Na_{4}Cl \)

\( 3 KBr + Fe(OH)_{3} \rightarrow 3 KOH \downarrow + FeBr_{3} \)

\( Fe (NO_{3})_{3} + 3 Na_{4}OH \rightarrow Fe(OH)_{3} \downarrow + 3 NaNO_{3} \)

\( Fe(OH)_{3} + 3 HNO_{3} \rightarrow Fe (NO_{3})_{3}  + 3 H_{2}O \)

Solved Question For You

Question- What is iron III hydroxide and its formula?

Answer- Iron III hydroxide refers to a chemical compound. Moreover, this compound comprises of iron, oxygen, and hydrogen. Furthermore, the molecular formula of iron III hydroxides is \(Fe\left ( OH \right )_{3}\) or \(FeH_{3}O_{3}\).

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