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Iron III Nitrate Formula

Iron III Nitrate

Iron III Nitrate formula- Iron III nitrate or ferric nitrate or \( iron_{(3+)} \) salt is deliquescent that we commonly found in its nonahydrate form. In addition, it is highly soluble in water, the crystalline iron source is compatible for use with nitrates and lower (acidic) pH. Furthermore, if forms colorless to pale violet crystals when we dissolve it forms yellow due to hydrolysis.

Iron III Nitrate formula

Iron III Nitrate Formula and Structure

The chemical formula of iron iii nitrate is \( Fe (NO_{3})_{3} \) and its molecular formula is \( FeN_{3} O_{9} \). Moreover, its molecular weight is 241.857 g/mol.

In iron iii nitrate the iron ion has a positive change ( \( Fe^{3+} \) ) and the NO Nitric Oxide ion has a negative charge on it ( \( NO_{3}^{-} \) ). Also, we obtain the iron iii nitrate when we treat iron metal powder with nitric acid.

Occurrence of Iron III Nitrate

Iron iii nitrate is deliquescent (means it attract and hold water molecules either via adsorption and absorption) so it exists in its nonahydrate form \( Fe (NO_{3})_{3} \cdot 9 H_{2} O \). In this, the iron iii nitrate forms a colorless to pale violet crystals.

Preparation of Iron  III Nitrate

We can prepare iron iii nitrate by treating iron metal powder with nitric acid.

\( Fe + 4 HNO_{3} \rightarrow Fe(NO_{3})_{3} + NO + 2 H_{2} O \)

Properties of Iron  III Nitrate

It appears as a violet crystalline solid and it is noncombustible but it can accelerate the burning of combustible materials. The density of its hexahydrate is \( 1.68 g/cm^{3} \) and nonahydrate is \( 1.6429 g/cm^{3} \).

In addition, its melting point is \( 47^{o} C \) and its boiling point is \( 125^{o} C \). It is completely soluble in water, acetone, and alcohol and slightly soluble in cold concentrated \( HNO_{3} \) nitric acid.

Uses of Iron  III Nitrate

In chemical laboratories they use it as a catalyst of choice for the synthesis of sodium amide from the solution of sodium in ammonia:

\( 2 NH_{3} + 2 Na \rightarrow 2 NaNH_{2} + H_{2} \)

In organic synthesis, certain clays impregnated with ferric nitrate have been shown to be useful oxidants. Jewelers and metalsmiths use it to etch silver and silver alloys.

In industries, they use it in agriculture as non-pesticide, intermediates, and panting agents and surface treating agents. In addition, we use it as mordant in dying; weighting silks, tanning, corrosion inhibitor and as a component in analytical chemistry.

Safety and Health Hazard of Iron  III Nitrate

Its dust causes irritation in the nose, eyes, and throat. Also, its ingestion causes irritation in the mouth and stomach.

Solved Example for You

Question: Mention a method of preparing iron iii nitrate?

Solution: The method of preparing iron iii nitrate is:

\( 4 Fe + 10 HNO_{3} \rightarrow 4 Fe (NO_{3})_{3} + NH_{4} NO_{3} + 3H_{2} O \)

Explanation: In a mixture of 100 ml of concentrated nitric acid we added 30 ml of water, 50 g of iron filings or fine turnings in small portions. Furthermore, we can regulate the reaction by the rate of addition of iron and by gently heating the mixture but not above \( 70^{o}C \).

Moreover, when all the particles of iron practically dissolve then the solution then we filter it and set it aside to crystallize. Usually, the color of filtrate is dark owing to the presence of colloidal basic nitrates. Gradually these nitrates convert into normal nitrate and its color becomes much lighter.

Most noteworthy, if no crystals form after standing the crystallization can initiate by the addition of concentrated nitric acid since the crystals are somewhat less soluble in nitric acid than in water.

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