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Lithium Iodide Formula

Lithium Iodide

Lithium Iodide Formula- It is an inorganic compound in which lithium and iodine bond with each other to form lithium iodide. Furthermore, we can easily identify it as when it exposed to air changes its color from white to yellow sue to the formation of iodine by oxidation of iodide. Moreover, it can exist in different hydrate forms such as a monohydrate, dehydrate, and trihydrate. In addition, in the Sodium chloride motif (NaCl motif) lithium iodide crystallizes.

Lithium Iodide Formula and Structure

The chemical formula of lithium iodide is Li and its molar mass or molecular weight is 133.85 g/mol. For preparing lithium iodide the lithium cation ( \( Li^{+} \) ) reacts with the iodine anion ( \ I^{-} \) to form lithium iodide. In general representation of organic formula, we can write lithium iodide formula as:

Occurrence of Lithium Iodide

Generally, it is available in large volumes, high purity, nanopowder, and submicron forms. It is highly reactive that’s why it does not occur in nature freely.

Preparation of Lithium Iodide

In Laboratories, it can be synthesized by combining Lithium Sulfide and strontium iodide that we can represent by double decomposition reaction as given below:

\( Li_{2} S + SeI_{2} \rightarrow SrS + 2 LiI \)

Properties of Lithium Iodide

Lithium hydroxide is a white crystalline solid and its melting is in between \( 446-469^{o} C \)  and the boiling point lies in between \( 1170-1190^{o} C \). Furthermore, its density is \( 4.08 g/cm^{-3}\). At room temperature, it is solid.

Moreover, it is soluble in water, methanol, alcohol, and acetone, and highly soluble in an aqueous solution of ammonia. In addition, its heat capacity is 54.4 J/mol K or 0.381 J/g K and its magnetic susceptibility is \( -50 × 10^{-6} cm^{3} / mol \). Its refractive index is 1.955.

Uses of Lithium Iodide

We use lithium iodide as an electrolyte for high-temperature batteries. Also, we use it for long-life batteries as required for example, by artificial pacemakers. In addition, we use it solid as a phosphor for neutron detection. Furthermore, we use it in a complex with iodide, in the electrolyte of dye-sensitized solar cells.

Also, in organic synthesis, LiI (lithium iodide) is useful for slashing C-O bonds. For instance, we can use it to convert methyl esters to carboxylic acids.

\( RCO_{2}CH_{3} + LiI \rightarrow RCO_{2}Li + CH_{3}I \)

Besides, comparable reactions relate to epoxides and aziridines. In addition, we use lithium iodide as a radiocontrast agent for CT scans but they discontinued it due to renal toxicity. Furthermore, inorganic iodide solutions suffer from high viscosities and hyperosmolarity. However, present iodinated contrast agents are organiodine compounds.

Safety and Health Hazards of Lithium Iodide

Inhalation, skin contact, and ingestion with it can result in severe injury or death. Burning of lithium hydroxide can produce toxic fumes that can cause irritation or corrosion. Furthermore, it is non-combustible and does not burn however it can decompose upon heating to produce corrosive gases. It is highly reactive and its container can explode if heated.

If someone inhales it then move the person to fresh air. Also, if the person is facing difficulty in breathing then give him or her artificial respiration. Moreover, don’t use the mouth-to-mouth method instead use respiration aid such as a pocket mask set with a one-way valve or other proper respiratory medical device. If the person still faces difficulty in breathing then administer oxygen.

Solved Example for You

Question: Mention a method to prepare lithium iodide?

Solution: A method to prepare lithium iodide involves a reaction between lithium aluminum hydride with iodine in a diethyl-ether medium:

\( LiAlH_{4} +2 I_{2} \rightarrow 2H_{2} + AlI_{3} + LiI \)

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