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Gibberellic Acid – Definition and Structure

Gibberellic Acid

We have all seen young buds blossom into beautiful flowers. There is a specific procedure which it goes through so it can develop into a complete plant. Therefore, gibberellic acid plays a vital role in it.

There are various things which are required for it. Similarly, there is one very important hormone needed for the growth and development of the plant which is Gibberellic acid (GA).

Structure of Gibberellic Acid

Gibberellic acid (GA) is a type of hormone which can be found in plants. It is quite an important part of the growth of the plant.

You can find it commonly in tissues of plants like shoots, young leaves, and flowers. GA is a weakly acid which is also referred to as Gibberellin. It enters the membrane of the cell through very simple diffusion.

gibberellic acid

They first came to the attention of western scientists around the time of the 1950s. Even though, the Japanese people had discovered it much earlier.

The rice farmers there were experiencing a fungal disease that was causing the rice plants to grow taller and prevent seed production. Thus, when the scientists studied this fungus, they found out it promotes plant growth, which led to the invention of it.

Farmers use it commonly in agriculture to enhance their crop yields. We have discovered almost 130 kinds of Gibberellic acid so far. While some of them are not active biologically, they serve as precursors for bioactive GAs.

Effect of Gibberellic Acid on Plant Growth Experiment

When they discovered Gibberellic acid, it made the agriculture sector grow well. This is so because the farmers found a way to enhance grain production by using GAs.

It is one of the major reasons behind the Green Revolution in the agriculture sector. It further allowed the farmers to add more nitrogen fertilizer to the crops without worrying about the stem elongation.

Thus, we see how it is so beneficial for modern farming. Furthermore, we use GA for treating plants with dwarf phenotypes.

They help in stimulating the plant growth of these dwarf plants. Furthermore, we can also use it for reducing the flowering in the young fruit tree orchards.

It similarly helps as a deterrent measure against plant viruses in young trees that transfer by pollen. Moreover, it also helps fruits like citrus.

When we apply it to citrus, it will help in preventing the albedo breakdown. Additionally, it can also reduce the watermark spots found on the citrus fruits.

Thus, it enhances the citrus rind quality. This application of GA thus produces the fruit of higher quality which is more resistant to hostile weather conditions and decay.

Functions of Gibberellic Acid

Its main function is to control the growth of the plants. They work to boost the germination of the seeds. It then helps in advancing the growth and maturation of leaves. Further, they also assist in the development of the flower.

Other than that, we also have the function of helping in pollen germination. When there is a growth of pollen tube happening, the number of gibberellin increases.

This affects the fertility of male and female plants. It also assists in suppressing female flower formation. Furthermore, as we know that plant’s movement is impossible.

That is why Gibberellic acid carries such importance. It is so because they are basically signalling molecules and hormones.

Therefore, when we look at it closely, we will realize that Gibberellic acid is very important for the development of the agriculture sector.

Solved Question for You

Question–What is the other name for Gibberellic acid?

A. Gibt
B. Gibberellins
C. Galvanic cell
D. Gadolinium

Answer– The correct answer is option B. We also refer to Gibberellic acid as Gibberellins.

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