Understanding Our Criminal Justice System

About Our Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System in India is the system or the court for criminals to fight for a trail. This system ensures the law and order in the country. To know more about Understanding Our Criminal Justice System explore the article further!

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Criminal Justice System

Criminal Justice System is established to maintain law and order and control crime. There are different ways through which criminal justice process and they are:

  • State Criminal Justice: This body looks after a particular state and crime committing in that state.
  • Federal Criminal Justice: This body looks after the federal parts of India and the matters of one or more states.

Therefore, these two are the two judiciary ways to process a criminal trial. hence the jurisdiction of that area is responsible for the criminal matters in that boundary. Five components play an important role in Justice System. Therefore, these five components are

Criminal Justice System

Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement officials make the crime report of the crime in their area. They also set up investigations and protects the criminal evidence. Therefore is an important part of the criminal system.


Defence Attorneys are the defence lawyers who represent the defendant in the court against the state. Defendant hires these lawyers for the court trial. Since the lawyer of both the parties is important, it is an important part of the criminal system.


Prosection is the lawyer who defends the state or the federal government and not the victim. They review the pieces of evidence brought by law enforcement body. They decide whether to press charges or drop the case.


Judges are the ones who make decisions in courts. They are the highest body of justice. They decide whether to release offenders before the trial and also accept or reject plea agreements, oversee trials, and sentence convicted offenders.


The job of corrections officers is to make sure the facilities that hold offenders are secure and safe. They oversee the day-to-day custody of inmates. They also oversee the release processes for inmates and sometimes notify victims of changes in the offender’s status.

Criminal Justice System

The process of Criminal Justice System is Entry of the case into the system followed by prosecution and pretrial followed by Trail process also known as adjudication, which is then followed by Post-Trial. Hence the procedure to follow for the Justice System. Objectives of Criminal Justice System are

  • To maintain Law and Order in the society.
  • To punish the criminals.
  • Prevent the offender from committing a crime in future.
  • Prevent Occurrence of crime.

Therefore these are the objectives performed by the Criminal Justice System. The criminal system is biased for the poor because of it Law for poor rather than the law of the poor.

Solved Examples For You

Question: FIR means _________.

  1. Formal Identification report
  2. First information report
  3. First Indian region
  4. All of these

Solution: B.

Question: What is the role of a judge?

  1. Decide whether an accused person is guilty or innocent
  2. May send the person to jail
  3. May impose a fine or both
  4. All of these

Solution: D. The judges are like an umpire in a game and conduct the trial impartially and in an open court. The judge hears all the witnesses and any other evidence presented by the prosecution and the defence. The judge decides whether the accused person is guilty or innocent on the basis of the evidence presented and in accordance with the law.

If the accused is convicted, then the judge pronounces the sentence. He may send the person to jail or impose a fine or both, depending on what the law prescribes.

Question: Public prosecutor __________.

  1. Defends the accused
  2. Punishes the culprit
  3. Helps the court to decide cases
  4. Helps the people to stop crime

Solution: A. The Prosecutor is a lawyer representing the state or the people of the state in the criminal trial. The role of the Public Prosecutor begins once the police have conducted the investigation and filed the charge sheet in the court. He represents the interests of the State and conducts the prosecution on behalf of the State. The Public Prosecutor is not involved in the investigation that is conducted by the police.

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Understanding Our Criminal Justice System
  • About Our Criminal Justice System

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What about police and army and others protecting the law it was not covered within this blog and the video, please make a video on the same.


it helped me for doing my project work…..tq toppr


Understanding Our Criminal Justice System
  • About Our Criminal Justice System

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