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Meaning of Company Overview

For anyone stepping into any aspect of the business world, learning about the companies which have already set the bar high is essential. A company overview helps us to achieve all this and more. And an analyst is the professional that one must higher for drafting this company overview.

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Company Overview

A company overview aims at extracting all the relevant information about the company under consideration. In general, a company overview focuses on building a detailed analysis. A company overview is the most effective way to acquire business intelligence and gain vital information about a company, its businesses, their products, services and processes, prospects, customers, suppliers, competitors; etc.

However, a company overview is not a layman’s job. It has to be done by qualified professionals, as it involves a detailed analysis of the company history, its structure, philosophy, portfolio of products and services, clients, important information about finance, human capital, technological resources, marketing capabilities, etc. The various types of analysts take care of the diverse areas of a company overview.

company overview

Budget Analysts

Budget analysts are tasked with preparing realistic budget goals and forecasts based on past expenditures and economic trends. They help the company keep its finances on track. After all, budget analysists are a key ingredient in the profit-making recipe.

Further, their suggestions play a vital role in the achievement of financial goals and long-term growth plans. Obviously, the decisions taken by the managers and government officials are strongly based on the opinions of the budget analysts.

Financial Analysts

Financial analysts keep a diligent eye on the macro and microeconomic conditions. They are the masterminds of investment decisions for external and internal financial clients. They also provide recommendations on whether to buy or sell a company’s stocks based on its current and predicted strength.

By and large, they research the company’s fundamentals and provide business and industry recommendations. Other famous names of a financial analyst are security analyst, equity analyst, investment analyst or rating analyst.

Management Analysts

The main task of a management analyst is to improve management processes. Hence the management analysts work in harmony with the business heads to improve efficiency and all the positive managerial aspects. In effect, this bumps up the profits. Unlike the other analysts, a management analyst generally works as a freelance consultant.

Market Research Analyst

Market analysts study market conditions to examine potential trends of sales of a product or service. They live in the market and get a hang of the market trends, which are a treasure for a company thinking about the decisions to be taken to increase its market share and profitability. Additionally, they study the potential trends of sakes of a product or service.

Lastly, they help a firm to increase product sales and customer satisfaction by bridging the gap between a firm and it’s customers. A market research analyst helps the company identify it’s potential customers, the product and the features the customers want and at what price.

A company overview will usually include:

  • Company introduction: Who is corporate and what it does?
  • Philosophy: Vision and Mission
  • Company History
  • Core Management Team
  • Portfolio of Businesses, Products, and Services
  • Competitive Scenario
  • Financial Performance
  • Market Position
  • Business in News: Growth plan, mergers and acquisitions, joint ventures, future endeavors and direct
    global presence, etc.

A good look at all of the above segments provides a detailed analysis of any company. In effect, such practices can be used in order to get insights into the working, strategies, weaknesses, and performances of a competitor firm. Further, such an analysis highlights the business areas which require the immediate attention of the top management.

Solved Example For You

Q: What is the job of a budget analyst?

Ans: A budget analyst keeps a check on the profits of a firm by mapping budget goals and forecasts by studying the firm’s past expenditures and the economic trends. Further, their suggestions mold the decisions of managers and government officials.

Thus, this concludes our discussion on the mentioned topic. Also, we got to learn about the roles of different types of analysts.

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