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Qualitative Vs Quantitative

Qualitative vs quantitative are two words of English that are extremely different from each other. However, people sometimes confuse the two words. Furthermore, the use of these two words takes place in two contexts- data and research. Quantitative data refers to the information about quantities. Moreover, it deals with numbers mainly.  In contrast, qualitative data refers to information that is descriptive in nature.

Also, the qualitative data is observable in nature but it is not measurable. For example, language is qualitative data.  Qualitative research is multimethod in character. This means that it involves a naturalistic and interpretive approach towards its subject matter. In contrast, quantitative research gathers data in a numerical form that one can arrange in rank order or categories.

Understanding the difference between qualitative and quantitative research or data will improve the English grammar skills of students. Furthermore, qualitative data is exploratory, subjective, and interpretive in nature. In contrast, quantitative data is conclusive, to-the-point, and objective in nature.

qualitative vs quantitative

Difference Between Qualitative and Quantitative

In order to better understand the difference between qualitative vs quantitative, let us explore the matter further by going into more details. Qualitative data involves empirical research where the expression of data is not in the form of numbers. In contrast, quantitative data is a type of data that is useful in the construction of graphs and tables pertaining to raw data.

In qualitative research, researchers study things in their natural order or settings. Afterwards, they attempt to interpret it and try to make a sense of it. Moreover, this interpretation could differ from one researcher to another and may be subject to various factors.

On the other hand, quantitative researchers aim is to establish general laws of phenomenon and behaviour. Furthermore, they try to establish these laws across multiple contexts or settings.  Also, quantitative research is useful in testing theory and making a decision on its acceptance or rejection.

In qualitative research, researchers immerse themselves in the field. This is how they are able to understand any particular context.

In quantitative research, the researchers conduct their studies in a lab in order to control extraneous variables. This brings out another difference between qualitative vs quantitative.

A qualitative researcher identifies issues that are oftentimes missed by the inquiries that are scientific in nature. In contrast, quantitative researcher solves problems by following a highly rational approach. This is yet another difference between qualitative vs quantitative.

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When/How to Use Qualitative

Qualitative means having to do with quality. Therefore, one must use this word only with regards to sentences that convey quality and not quantity. Understanding the application of this word will make the matter of qualitative vs quantitative more clear.

Correct use of the word qualitative is- “There are certain qualitative differences between these two remotes”. Furthermore, incorrect use of the word qualitative is- “Let’s carry out a qualitative analysis of the organization’s stock”. In the second example, the word quantitative should be used since a quantity was involved.

When/How to Use Quantitative

The word quantitative relates to a measurable amount of any object or thing. As such, the use of this word must take place only with regards to sentences that convey quantity and not quality.

Correct use of the word quantitative is- “Students must analyze quantitative data to ascertain who has the tallest height in class”. Incorrect use of the word quantitative is- “There are quantitative differences in the way kids and adults think”. Most noteworthy, in the second case, the use of the word qualitative should have taken place.

Examples of Qualitative – Using Qualitative in a Sentence

Below are some examples of qualitative in a sentence. Furthermore, these examples will help you understand the matter of qualitative vs quantitative in a better manner.

Example 1: Is there any qualitative difference between the two houses? Furthermore, the statement here is in the form of a question.

Example 2: We must undertake a qualitative analysis of the product to enhance our profitability.

Example 3: Peter is responsible for carrying out qualitative evaluations of all the new projects.

Examples of Quantitative – Using Quantitative in a Sentence

Given below are some examples of the word quantitative. Such examples will make the difference between quantitative and qualitative even more clear for the students. The subject of the following examples is certainly different than that of qualitative examples.

Example 1: Conducting a quantitative analysis of the stock on a regular basis was crucial in promoting the company’s product. As one can see, this particular statement relates to the quantity and not quality.

Example 2: The main reason regarding the drop in the product’s sale became clear after the quantitative surveys.

Example 3: While working on a science project, Mathew realized the need to do a quantitative study so as to analyze the measurements in contrast to a more subjective approach.

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