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Landscape to Soul Summary Class 11 English

Summary of Landscape to Soul

Landscape to Soul summary will help you learn about this chapter in a very simple and easy manner. This chapter comprises of two parts and Nathalie Trouveroy is the author. The author has taken the first part from the ‘Landscape of the Soul: Ethics and Spirituality in Chinese Painting’ whereas the second part has been derived from “Getting Inside ‘Outsider Art’.” Getting Inside is an article that was published in the Hindustan Times in 2005. It is written by Brinda Suri.  The main theme of the chapter is about arts. It revolves around the art of painting told through the help of various stories. We learn about Chinese painters and their works as well as the story behind them. Similarly, the second part explores the concept of ‘art brut’ meaning the art of the ones who have no right. Thus, we learn a great deal about art and its history.

landscape to soul summary

Landscape to Soul Summary in English

This chapter divides into two parts, each telling us about art and its history through various stories. In the part taken from ‘Landscape of the Soul: Ethics and Spirituality in Chinese Painting’, we learn about the art of painting through two stories. The first one is about a very popular Chinese painter, Wu Daozi. It is about the eighth century when he was hired by the Tang Emperor Xuanzong to adorn a wall of the palace.

Wu painted beautiful scenery with mountains, waterfalls, forests as well as clouds and blue skies with people living harmoniously in a happy environment. However, he painted a cave at the foot of a mountain that was inhabited by a spirit. When the painter was showing his work to the emperor, he claps his hands and an entrance to the cave opens where he gets in and vanishes.

Thus, after disappearing, the author says that denotes the knowledge of the mystical inner world. Thus, it says that only the masters are aware of the way within and can go yonder any material form. Similarly, there is another story about another popular Chinese painter who did not draw a dragon’s eye fearing it would become real and fly out of his painting.

Next, we have the third one about a master blacksmith, Quinten Metsys, who falls in love with the daughter of a painter. As the father was not accepting of his son-in-law belonging to such a profession, he still did so. He accepted Quinten because he painted a fly on his board. It had such gentle realism that it resembled a real one. Further, the author also talks about Chinese philosophy, Shanshui, meaning mountain water.

Finally, the second part of ‘Getting Inside ‘Outsider Art’ by Brinda Suri talks about the concept of ‘art brut’. Art Brut translates to the art of the ones who have ‘no right’ to be artists. It is because they lack any formal training yet somehow possess artistic talent and insight. She refers to them as the ones who think outside the box and defy the normal standards. People refer to their work as ‘unorthodox’ art. She cites the example of Nek Chand’s work at Rock Garden in Chandigarh is a form of art brut.

Conclusion of Landscape to Soul

To sum up, Landscape to Soul summary, we learn that art is an infinite form which has a rich history and it cannot fit inside any certain box or label, it has a life of its own.

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