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Golu Grows a Nose Summary for Class 5 English

Summary of Golu Grows a Nose

The story Golu Grows a Nose is regarding Golu, a baby elephant that has a bulgy nose. Golu lived at a time when elephants were without trunks. Furthermore, Golu was a curious elephant who had a lot of questions.  Golu was interested in particular about knowing crocodiles and their eating habits. Finally, Golu meets a crocodile who asks Golu to come close to the river.  The crocodile then takes advantage of the opportunity and catches Golu by the nose.  The crocodile then pulls Golu in and tries to eat him. A python tries to help Golu to help him escape from the crocodile. However, something remarkable happens during this struggle. During this intense struggle of pulling and pushing, the nose of Golu grows very long.  Ultimately Golu comes to realize the dangers of trusting strangers. Moreover, he also learns about the benefits of having a long nose.

Golu Grows a Nose Summary in English

At a time long ago, elephants were devoid of trunks. Furthermore, in place of trunks, the elephant had bulgy noses. Golu was a baby elephant who was by nature curious and always had a lot of questions. Golu once asked an ostrich that why it doesn’t fly like other birds. He also asked a question to his big uncle, the hippopotamus, that why his eyes are so red.

On meeting a mynah, Golu asks what does a crocodile eats for dinner. Most noteworthy, Golu had no experience of a crocodile. He had never before seen a crocodile and had no idea about its diet. Consequently, Golu began to grow more and more curious regarding the crocodile and its eating habit. In order to search for the answer, Golu decided to visit the great Limpopo river due to the advice given by the mynah.

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On his way to the river, Golu happened to meet a python. So, Golu asked python the same crocodile question but received no answer from the python. However, the python decided to quietly follow Golu. This would turn out to be a very important decision as we would find out later on. Finally, Golu reached the river. On reaching the river, Golu noticed a big log of wood. As it turns out, this log of wood was actually the crocodile.

The crocodile winked at Golu and asked him that has he ever seen a crocodile before. The crocodile explains that he was a crocodile and he sheds crocodile tears so as to show that it was true. Golu was certainly frightened at this moment. In spite of the fear, Golu asked the crocodile that hat does he have for dinner. The crocodile then decided to trick Golu into coming near him. He asked Golu to come near so that he can whisper the answer.

As Golu went near him, the crocodile quickly grabbed him by the nose. The crocodile then told Golu that he would be his dinner. Watching this, the python came to help Golu. The python told Golu to pull hard. Now began the struggle of pushing between the crocodile and Golu. The python quickly coiled himself around Golu and began to pull him. During this struggle, the nose of Golu kept getting larger.

Ultimately, Golu became free from the crocodile but his nose became five feet long. Golu spent a long time for his nose to shrink. Then the python reminded him of the benefits of the long nose. In the end, Golu thanked the wise python and went home.

Conclusion of Golu Grows a Nose

Golu Grows a Nose summary is a story that tells us that curiosity, although useful, can lead to disastrous consequences.

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