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The Tsunami Summary Class 8 English

Summary of The Tsunami

In this article, you will be reading The Tsunami summary. This chapter has three different parts. The stories in the first part are from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. In the first story, Ignesious’s wife woke him up sensing an earthquake but it was the sea rising. The Tsunami had struck them. He lost his wife and two children in this calamity along with his father-in-law and brother-in-law. The second story is about Sanjeev who got drowned while saving his cook’s wife along with her. The third incident is about Meghna who was brought to shore and was thus safe. The fourth incident is about Almas whose whole family swept in the Tsunami except her.

The story in the second part is from Thailand. It is a story of a young girl Tilly. She sensed the coming of Tsunami and got alarmed. She saved the life of her family as well as other people. The third part of the chapter speaks about that animals have a sixth sense better than humans. About 1,50,000 people were killed in Tsunami but only a few animals died. Some of the animals also saved the life of their masters.

The Tsunami Summary in English

The Tsunami chapter of Class 8 comprises of three parts. This chapter deals with the inspiring incidents that took place when the Tsunami hit the different parts of the world. The first part includes stories from the Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The first story is of Igneous. He was the manager of a co-operative society in Katchall. At around 6 a.m., his wife woke him up sensing an earthquake. He put the television set on the floor in order to save it while the family rushed out of the house. When the earth stopped shaking, they could see the sea rising. The tsunami swept his wife, two children, father-in-law, and brother-in-law.

The second story is about a policeman, Sanjeev. Sanjeev was able to save himself, his wife, and his daughter. But, after hearing the cries of the guest house cook John’s wife, he jumped into the water in order to save her. He could not save her as well as himself and both got drowned.

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The third story is about a 13 years old girl, Meghna. The tsunami swept her along with her parents and seventy-seven other people. But fortunately, she held on to a wooden door. After floating for two days, a wave brought her back to the shore and saved her. The last story is about Almas, a ten years old girl. Her father saw the water receding after the tremors and understood that it will come back with immense force. He thus woke everybody so that they can go to a safe place. In all this chaos, her grandfather fell down and her father went to help him. A big wave swept them away during this. Her mother and aunts swept away along with the tree that they were holding on to. While Almas climbed on a floating wooden log and fainted. She was taken to the hospital in Kamorta.

The second part of the chapter consists of a story from Thailand. This is the story of an intelligent girl, Tilly. It was 26th December and Tilly along with her family were on the beach. Tilly and her family were originally from England and had come to Thailand to celebrate Christmas. Tilly and her mother saw the sea rise slowly, start to foams, and making whirlpools. Her mother was not worried by these signs but it occurred to Tilly that these were the signs of Tsunami. She informed about this to her family and they along with other people on the beach returned to the hotel. Luckily, the hotel building withstood the force of Tsunami and they all were saved.

The third part of the chapter speaks about the sixth sense of the animals. Around 1,50,000 people lost their lives but only a few animals died. For instance, in the Yala National Park situated in Sri Lanka, 60 visitors died while only two animals died. Also, in the same park people noticed that three elephants ran away from the beach an hour prior to the struck of Tsunami. Another incident is also from Galle in Sri Lanka. Here, the two dogs refused to go to the beach for the walk. Their master also thus could not go and was saved.

Conclusion of The Tsunami

We need to keep our environment clean else these disasters will keep occurring.

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