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The Fight Summary

Summary of The Fight

The Fight summary will discuss the story in a short and precise manner. It is a story about two boys who belong to different states. One was Ranji, a Rajput and the other was Suraj, a Punjabi. Ranji moves to a new city and one day discovers a pool. The translucent water excites him and he gets in the pool and starts swimming. He repeats the same thing the next day but Suraj interrupts him. Ranji is friendly at first but Suraj does not reciprocate. Thus, they get into a huge fight. They punch and beat each other up. Further, they keep fighting when both of them get tired. They decide to continue the fight the next day. On the next day, Suraj challenges Ranji to swim across the pool and he does so excellently. This surprises Suraj and he asks him to teach him swimming, so they become friends.

The Fight Summary in English

The Fight is a story about two boys written by Ruskin Bond. One boy is a Rajput, Ranji while the other is a Punjabi, Suraj. Ranji is new to town and one day he finds a pool in the middle of the forest. This surprises him because he has never seen such translucent water.

Thus, Ranji gets inside the pool as it was too hot. He starts enjoying in the cool water and swims heartily. He visits the pool again the next day and enjoys a lot in the water. However, after a while, he notices a boy standing on the edge of the pool.

They begin talking and while Ranji is friendly, the other boy does not react the same way. He tells him that he does not like talking to villagers and tries to scare him away. This angers Ranji and he warns that he will beat him.

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The argument heats up and they get into a fight. Suraj slaps Ranji which makes him dizzy. But now, they start fighting very violently. They throw punches at each other and eventually get tired. Thus, they decide they will continue the fight the next day.

Ranji is unable to hide his injuries from his mother who gets worried. Nonetheless, Ranji slips out to the market and buys lemonade and jalebis. He eats them when he sees Suraj and they just scowl at each other and leave.

The next day, they reach the pool and even though Ranji was weak he does not give up the pool. Suraj challenges Ranji to swim across the length of the pool. Ranji dives in the pool at once and completes it like it was nothing.

This surprises Suraj and he wishes to learn diving from Ranji. Ranji agrees and teaches him for a while. Suraj now decides that they should continue these lessons every day. Finally, they agree on it and become friends.

As Suraj is a Pahlawan himself, they both make a deal. Ranji will teach Surah how to dive and in return, Suraj will help in becoming a Pahlawan. Further, they also decide that it is their pool and no one will be allowed there without permission.

Conclusion of The Fight

The Fight summary teaches us that fighting will not do anyone any good and we should never be too proud instead help one another and establish love and not hate with each other.

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