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Bringing Up Kari Summary for Class 7 English


Summary of Bringing Up Kari

The story of Bringing up Kari takes us through the life of the narrator who has a baby elephant named Kari. The boy grows together with Kari and through this story, narrates his experience. The story is a very sweet narrative that makes us grow fond of Kari. The relationship the narrator shares with Kari is pure and sweet. Kari loves taking bath in the river and the author takes him for morning baths to the river. The friendship of Kari and the boy is endearing, to say the least. On one day, Kari pushes the narrator in the stream only to save another drowning boy. However, the narrator cannot swim, and eventually, Kari ends up saving them both. He also mischievously steals bananas and learns a lesson too for this wrongdoing. Kari learns many other tricks as the narrator keeps teaching him along with the final Master call.

Bringing Up Kari in English

Kari the elephant was just five months old when the author got him. The pavilion is Kari’s home and he keeps bumping into poles of thick tree stumps. One thing Kari enjoys a lot is his morning baths in the river. Lying down in the water for a long time and squealing with pleasure, Kari enjoys this activity a lot. After his bath, Kari goes into the forest to get some twigs for his dinner which takes quite a while. Then, the narrator prepares dinner for Kari.

Now, they both have become great friends. However, on one day, Kari pushes the narrator in the stream. It is to save a drowning boy but the author does not know how to swim. Thus, Kari has to eventually go in to save them both. The author catches Kari’s trunk as he pulls both of them out and saves them.

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As Kari is so young, he is still a baby. He is also very notorious so he gets checked whenever he is being mischievous. Over time, Kari develops a taste for bananas so he begins stealing them. He puts his trunk through the window into the dining room and pulls out the bananas from the plate. Very cleverly, he takes them to his pavilion to eat in peace without getting caught. However, the narrator catches him stealing one day and gives him a good scolding. Kari learns his lesson and does not steal again.

Over time, Kari learns a few lessons as he is a quick learner. He learns the command to sit and walk. However, the most difficult thing was Master Call. An elephant usually takes five years to learn it.

However, it is the most important signal which an elephant must know. It helps in saving the master’s life. When a master gets lost, they make a strange hissing sound and the trained elephant will pull out the tree in front which scares the other animals, including tigers, away. This way, he makes a path out of the forest and Kari learned this trick as well.

Conclusion of Bringing Up Kari

The story of Bringing up Kari is a gentle sweet reminder of how animals are also our friends and they can even become more loving, brave as well as sensible than humans in many situations.

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