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The Bear Story Summary for Class 7

Summary of The Bear Story

The Bear story shows us the lovable side of a fierce bear. In this story, a lady lived in the manor-house in the dense forest. Furthermore, this lady had a friendly bear as a pet. The lady had the habit of visiting her sister every Sunday and she left the bear on the chain. With the passing of time, the bear grew and became physically strong. Moreover, the bear had a very good nature and ate normal foods. The bear also was very obedient to the lady. One Sunday, when the lady was walking through the dense forest, she saw that the bear was following her. Consequently, the lady became very angry with the bear. Therefore, she hit the bear on the nose with the umbrella. However, the bear did not harm her. Afterward, the lady realized that she made a mistake by scolding the bear.

The Bear Story Summary in English

An old lady lived on the outskirts of a big forest. Once she found a bear and kept it as a pet. The lady also fed the bear with the bottle.

After a few years, the bear grew into a bigger and powerful adult. However, he was a friendly bear who ‘amicably’ enjoyed catching cattle that were grazing. Children also enjoyed playing with him.

The bear had a really good appetite. The cook made sure to feed the bear well. Furthermore, the diet of the bear was devoid of meat and consisted of potato, porridge, cabbage, bread, and turnip.

At his young age, the bear climbed the apple trees. However, he came to realize that it was not wise to climb the apple trees. Afterward, he began to wait patiently for an apple to fall on the ground.

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The bear received punishment for plucking the beehives. This is because he had been taught not to touch the beehive. The punishment was that he was put on-chain for two days rather than being put on-chain only at night.

The lady used to visit her sister every Sunday. Furthermore, the house of the sister was on the other side of the mountain lake. Since it was difficult to take the bear through the forest, so he was in chains on Sunday.

Once the old lady and her bear fell down into waters. Afterward, the bear was patted by the mistress and was provided with an apple. The bear was willing to accept the decision

Once the bear was in chains due to his mistress. After chaining him, the old lady went through the forest.  However, after some time, the lady came to notice that the bear was following her.

The lady did not like this disobedience from the bear. Moreover, the lady had no time to take the bear home. The lady told the bear in a very loud tone to go back.

The bear was not willing to obey her. Moreover, he had also lost his new collar. Consequently, she quickly came to the decision of punishing him.

The lady then hit the bear using her parasol with such a hard force that it broke into two pieces. The bear then went back but took a look back at the lady. Finally, she lost sight of him.

On returning, the lady rebuked the bear and decided to chain the bear for two more days. However, the cook said that the behavior of the bear was like an angel. The lady then understood her mistake that the bear in the forest was someone else.

Conclusion of The Bear Story

The bear story teaches us that one must always react with open eyes in order to avoid wrong decision making.

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