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The Cop and the Anthem Summary for Class 7 English


Summary of The Cop and the Anthem

The Cop and the Anthem is a humorous story. Soapy, the vagabond was looking in search of shelter in winters. He was a jobless and homeless man. Furthermore, Soapy became restless due to the approaching winters. As such Soapy wanted shelter and the Blackwell Island prison came to his mind. Consequently, he tried to get arrested for the winter season duration. His first plan was to eat at a good restaurant and refuse to pay. As such he came to a good restaurant but the head waiter forced him out due to his broken old shoes. Soapy then went to another restaurant and said he had no money. In spite of this, his arrest didn’t take place. His other attempts also ended in failure. Childhood thoughts made Soapy realize his mistake. Soapy then decided to live a life of dignity but soon got arrested by a cop.

The Cop and the Anthem Summary in English

Soapy was a man who was jobless as well as homeless. He was getting restless because of the signs of approaching winters. These signs were that birds were moving to the south, trees shedding leaves, and men had a desire for new warm clothes.

These signals made him fearful of the approaching winters. As such he had a desire for shelter during the winter period. He came to choose Blackwell’s Island prison instead of other places like the southern skies or Bay of Naples.

Soapy then made attempts to get himself arrested. His first plan was to eat at a fine restaurant and then say that he had no money. Soapy thought that this would send him to Blackwell’s prison for three months.

With this plan in mind, Soapy came to a restaurant where only the wealthy people came every evening. The head waiter saw the broken shoes of Soapy and forced him out. Hence, his first attempt was a failure.

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Soapy then came to a second restaurant. After eating the food there, Soapy said that he had no money to pay. The waiter then threw him out instead of calling the cop.

He had another idea to break a glass window with a stone. Soapy stopped after seeing a policeman arriving there. However, instead of arresting him, the policeman thought wrongdoers don’t flee the crime scene and hence he didn’t arrest Soapy.

Soapy made another attempt for his arrest. This time he began shouting like a drunk man in front of the theatre. The cop thought that he was a college boy and hence left him.

Soapy then saw the umbrella of a man buying a newspaper. He then came to the decision of stealing it. Soapy then took the umbrella and the man kept following him.

Soapy then told him to call the cop who was standing at a corner. The man refused to call the cop because he himself had stolen the umbrella.

Soapy then gave up all hopes of getting arrested. Then he stopped at his old childhood home. Then a sudden change came in his soul.

At that moment, Soapy came to the decision of changing his life for the better. He decided to fight the challenges of life. Most noteworthy, Soapy decided to find work from the very next day.

Just then a cop came there and he asked Soapy that what he was doing there. Soapy then began to argue with him due to his new confidence. However, the cop took him and the judge gave him three months prison sentence on Blackwell’s Island.

Conclusion of The Cop and the Anthem

The Cop and the Anthem tell us that in spite of the wrong things we do, there are times when we can realize our wrongdoings and change our lives.

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