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The Northern Mountains Wall

How many of you have seen mountains? And, how many of you have climbed it? A few of us have actually been up there in the mountains. However, when we are there, the beauty is indescribable. Let us know some more facts about the mountains.

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The Paths In The Mountains

The mountains are covered with rugged paths. They have slopes and some of the slopes can be too steep. Usually, you have to trek all the way up. You can’t simply walk like you walk on the plain roads in your city. It is difficult to walk up the slopes. Mountaineers usually carry a lot of equipment when they go trekking up.

The Mountains

Tools Needed for Climbing Mountains

For climbing mountains, we need a thick rope, sling, stick, axe etc. Besides these things, you would also require food packets, water bottle, hook, plastic sheet, diary, torch. It is also good for you to carry a towel, soap, windcheater, whistle, glucose, jaggery, chana, snakes etc.

Hook And Rope 

We can use hook and ropes to pull water buckets from a well. People also use these to pull heavy goods upwards etc. They are also used to pull up marooned people during rescue operations.

How To Cross A River?

To cross a river in the mountains, we need thick rope, sling and pitons. We also need to have a lot of extra energy! Why? This is because we have to rise up against the gravitational force. Further, it is tough to walk over the rocky surface of mountains in comparison to the flat surface of plains.

Climbing Mountains and Climbing a High Rock

Climbing a high rock may be a bit easier than climbing a wall. This is because the surface of a rock is irregular with elevation and depression forming holds where one can put his/ her hand and feet. On the other hand, the surface of a wall is smooth and flat, thus it is difficult to climb a wall.

What do you do when you lose your way while trekking? You can ask the local people for help. If you are too scared, you can yell and shout to get rid of the fear.

Question For You

Q. How would you prepare if you were to climb a mountain?

Ans: To prepare to climb a mountain the following points should be kept in mind:

  • Mountains are full of dangerous rivers, deep valleys, irregular surfaces etc.
  • It is not easy to climb on its steep slope. It requires a lot of zeal and vigour.

Additionally, if I were to climb a mountain, I would have taken along with me food packets, water bottle, rope, hunter shoes, hook plastic sheet, diary, torch, towel, soap, windcheater, whistle, glucose, jaggery, chana, snakes etc.

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Up You Go
  • The Northern Mountains Wall
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Up You Go
  • The Northern Mountains Wall

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