Group Dynamics

Important Principle of Group Dynamics

Important principles of group dynamics can be quite repetitive in nature if the establishment of a solid differentiation does not exist. However, here is an in-depth analysis of the important principles of group dynamics.

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Important Principles of Group Dynamics

Some of the most critical principles of group dynamics are as follows:

The Principle of Belongingness

An essential group dynamic is for the group members to have a strong sense of togetherness. Moreover, a group will not be able to function to its fullest without the coordination and belongingness that the members feel.  It is very important for the group members to feel like they belong to the right group.

Moreover, this feeling of belongingness is what drives the group to perform their best, in turn boosting the group morale. Therefore, the principle of belongingness is a rather important principle of group dynamics.

important principles of group dynamics


The Principle of Perception

This principle focuses on the prestige of group members and how the group members perceive this prestige. It is very similar to the principle of status. However, this principle of group dynamic states that the greater the prestige, the greater is the influence.

In addition, the principle of perception throws light on the importance of group perception. Moreover, this ensures coordination, a common direction and the successful completion of the objectives.

The Principle of Conformity

This principle of conformity states the importance of the group members to conform to the general group norms. However, this principle is one of the most essential rules which is the most difficult to achieve.

The Principle of Change

The principle of change is one such important principles of group dynamics that state the significance of the change. Every decision in a group is bound to change at a specific point in time.

A well-balanced and coordinated group would not suffer from this change. Moreover, this group dynamic principle stresses the importance of handling a change well.

The Principle of Readjustment

This principle is a result of the principle of change. Due to changes made in a group, the group norms, the group objectives or the group member delegation, readjustment of the entire group dynamics is crucial.

Therefore, this principle of readjustment emphasizes on the essentiality of readjusting the group dynamics after implementing a change. The readjustment should be in sync with the achievement of the group goal.

The Principle of Common Motives

The main purpose behind the creation of groups is to aid the process of goal achievement. The group members have a common motive which involves the successful attainment of the pre-determined goal. To know more about the various aspects of group decision making, click here.

The Goal Orientation

Every group is created with the aim to achieve the goal with the help of their common motive. The primary principle of the group is that they are goal oriented and focus all their activities towards the successful completion of the task.

The Principle of Power

Being a part of a group can let a group member believe that they have powers vested in them. One of the more critical principles of group dynamics is the existence of power among the group members.

The Continuous Process Principle

Last but not least, group functioning is a continuous process. This principle states that every group so formed and every member who is a part of such a group is responsible for the continuous functioning of the same group.

Groups adjourn only upon the completion of the task or the achievement of the goal. Until then, the principle of the continuous process is widely applied to group dynamics.

Question on Important Principle of Group Dynamics

Q. Which is a precedent group dynamic principle to the principle of readjustment?

Answer: The principle of change is a preceding principle of the group dynamic. The principle of readjustment is possible only after the effects of the principle of changes that may have occurred in the group. Therefore, a group change occurs before the readjustment process commences.

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