Areas Related to Circles

Finding areas and perimeters of squares, rectangles, triangles etc a piece of pie right? But what about finding the area of a piece of pie? Well, it isn’t that difficult. Let us learn how to calculate the area of a circle and some concepts of areas related to circles.

FAQ on Areas Related to Circles

Question 1: What is the way to calculate the area of a circle?

Answer: In order to calculate the area of a circle, one must either square the radius or multiply it by itself.  Afterwards, one must multiply the squared radius by pi, or 3.14, in order to ascertain the area.

Question 2: Explain what is meant by area of a circle?

Answer: The area of a circle refers to the number of square units that exist inside the circle. In case each square in the circle happens to have an area of 1 cm2, then one must simply count the total number of squares to find out the area of this circle.

Question 3: What is the circumference formula of a circle?

Answer: The formula of circumference of a circle is C = 2 π r. Furthermore, to solve for r in this equation, r = C / (2 π).

Question 4: Explain the area of a semi-circle?

Answer: In the case of a circle, the area formula is A = pi * r^2. In case of semi-circle, one must divide that equation by two. Hence, the area of a semicircle is A = pi * r^2/2.

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