Binomial Theorem

Do you know how to handle the long terms in mathematics which involves multiple powers of a simple expression? For example, do you know how to expand (x+y)99? Well, such binomial (involving two terms) expansions can be easily done by using the Binomial Theorem. It makes our calculations simpler. Let’s study more in the topics below.

 Question. Explain an important use of Binomial theorem?

Answer. Binomial theorem has important use in architecture as it helps in giving shape and determining the infrastructure areas. This way one can estimate the amount of material that is required to be used. Moreover, it enables the estimation of the total expenditure to make the building.

Question. Who is the discoverer of the binomial theorem?

Answer. Isaac Newton is the man who is credited for binomial theorem. This binomial theorem is valid for any rational exponent.

Question. Give an example of a binomial?

Answer. A binomial refers to a polynomial equation with two terms that are usually joined by a plus or minus sign. The major use of binomial is in algebra. 3x + 4 is a classic example of a binomial. 2a (a+b) 2 is another example of a binomial where a and b happen to be binomial factors.

Question. Explain what is a binomial expression?

Answer. A binomial is a mathematical expression that involves two terms. Furthermore, these two terms must be separated by either addition or subtraction. To add binomials, one must combine like terms to attain an answer. To multiply binomials, one should use the distributive property.

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