Can You See The Pattern?

Look at these numbers carefully. 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, … Can you see the pattern here? These numbers are in certain patterns and here each number doubles each time. Observing patterns can solve problems and has many applications in our daily lives. To understand this in a more better way, let us scroll the article below.

Q. When can we say that a pattern has taken place?

A. Whenever something happens and repeats in a predictable manner, we say that a pattern has taken place. A. Furthermore, pattern refers to a regularity that happens in the world. Moreover, a pattern consist of certain elements and these elements repeat in a predictable manner.

Q. How many times repetition must occur for something to be called a pattern?

A. For something to be called as a pattern, its elements must repeat in a predictable manner at least three times. If the repetition is less than three times, then a pattern does not occur.

Q. What are the various types of pattern that exist in maths?

A. The various types of patterns that exist in maths are cube numbers, square numbers, arithmetic sequence, geometric sequence, triangular numbers, and Fibonacci numbers.

Q. Explain the relationship rules for pattern?

A. The types of relationship rules for patterns are recursive pattern rule and explicit. Recursive pattern rule explains the start number of any pattern and its continuation. Explicit pattern rule tells us to attain any tern that is present in the pattern without the need to list all the terms before it.

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