How Many Squares?

Suppose one day your uncle gives you 2 chocolates and says the bigger chocolate is for you and the smaller is one for your younger sister. How do you decide which chocolate is bigger or smaller? Does it depend on the perimeter and area? The answer to this questions can be found by studying the topic ”How Many Squares” in detail.

FAQs on How Many Squares?

Question 1: How many squares exist in a rectangle?

Answer: Number of squares of side 1 unit of a rectangle is 2 \times 3 = 6. Furthermore, number of squares of side 2 units of a rectangle is 1 \times 2 = 2. Consequently, the total number of squares existing in a 2 \times 3 rectangle comes out to be 6 + 2 = 8. Similarly, in case we analyze a 3 \times 4 rectangle, we find that there are a total of 20 squares.

Question 2: How many triangles exist in a square?

Answer: Each square consist of four triangles. This is based on each side with center point of the square acting as the top of the triangle. Also, each square happens to have two diagonals with two triangles existing on both sides of the diagonal.

Question 3: Can we say that two rectangles make a square?

Answer: No, we cannot say that two rectangles make a square. This is because, a square has to be a rectangle, but the vice-versa is not necessarily true.

Question 4: How many rectangles are possible with 24 squares?

Answer: With 24 squares, one can make 4 different rectangles.

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