Linear Equations in Two Variables

Have you ever come across an equation like 2x + 3y = 5?  What type of equation is this, can you guess? Well, in this equation, there are two variables involved and are the unknowns, variable ‘x’ and variable ‘y’. In this section, we will be solving linear equations in two variables with videos and examples.

Solving Linear Equations in Two Variables

Question 1: Explain the way for solving equation with two variables?

Answer: The way to solve systems of algebraic equations that deal with two variables, initiate by moving the variables to an equation’s different sides. Then, do the division of both sides of the equation by any one of the available variables in order to solve for that variable. Finally, one must put that number into the available formula so as to solve for the other variable.

Question 2: Explain the solution to an equation?

Answer: A solution refers to an assignment of expressions to the unknown variables that are unknown. This ensures equality in the equation true. Experts also call a solution of an equation as a root of the equation, though not only for numerical equations or algebraic.

Question 3: Explain what you understand by an equation with two variables?

Answer: A linear system of two equations that deals with two variables is any system whose writing can take place in the form of ax + by = p and cx + dy = q.

Question 4: Is 2x 3y 7 a linear equation?

Answer: Yes, 2x 3y 7 is a linear equation due to its solutions being a straight line.

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