Lines and Angles

Do you remember what was the first thing you did with a pencil when you were a kid? Surely drawing random lines, isn’t it? Do you know lines are of utmost importance in geometry? Let us try understanding the concept of lines in mathematics. In this lesson, we will also learn what is an angle and its types. So let us study Lines and Angles altogether.

FAQ on Lines and Angles

Question 1: What are Collinear and Non- Collinear Points?

Answer: Collinear points refer to points that lie on the same straight line. On the other hand, the points that don’t lie on the same straight line referred to as non-collinear points.

Question 2: What is a plane?

Answer: A plane refers to a two-dimensional surface. Moreover, it consists of a length and width, but not of height. Moreover, it extends infinitely far on all sides. Further, it is composed of an infinite amount of lines.

Question 3: What are the transversal lines?

Answer: A transversal line refers to a straight line that cuts two or more straight lines at different points. For instance, a railway line that crosses many other lines is said to be a transversal line.

Question 4: What are the related angles?

Answer: Related angles refer to the pairs of angles and particular names are given to the pairs of angles that you come across. Thus, they are referred to as related angles because they are related to some condition.

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