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NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Geography Chapter 5 Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Geography Chapter 5 – Industries

Geography is a subject that deals with the environment and physical features of the earth. But at some point, students find it difficult to understand some topics especially chapter 5. That’s where our NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Geography Chapter 5 comes handy. Besides, these solutions are easy to understand and can enhance the learning of the students.

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CBSE Class 8 Geography Chapter 5 – Industries NCERT Solutions

Industry refers to a place that engages itself in an economic activity that deals in the production of goods. They also engage in various other activities like minerals extraction, and facility of services.

First of all, the chapter reminds us that the products that we use and consume come to us after a long process. Besides, the process of manufacturing of products is called manufacturing or secondary activity.

Subtopics covered under NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Geography Chapter 5

5.1 Classification of Industries

This topic discusses the different classification of industries on the basis of their products. The classification is like this:

5.1.1 Raw materials

  • Agro-based industries- That uses plant and animal products as raw materials.
  • Minerals based industries- That uses minerals ore as their raw materials.
  • Marine based industries- That uses sea and ocean products as raw materials.

5.1.2 Size- It means the amount of capital invested, the volume of production, and people employed in the business.

5.1.3 Ownership- It refers to the classification of the industry as state-owned, public sector, or the private sector.

  • State-owned- State government owns 51% of their shares.
  • Public sector- The government owns 51% of its shares.
  • Private sector- Individual or group of individuals owns these companies.

5.2 Factors affecting the location of Industries

This topic discusses the various factors that industrialist keep in mind while choosing the location of an industry. These factors include land, labor, raw material, power, market, transport, and capital.

5.2.1 Industrial System- Basically, it refers to the three-step process that consists of input, process, and output. But it contains a wide range of activity that results in the finished product.

5.2.2 Industrial Regions- This happens when several industries located in a particular area. And they share the benefits of closeness with each other.

Industrial Disaster- This topic talks about the case of Union Carbide Factory also known as Bhopal Gas Tragedy. Due to which the government makes some basic guidelines for risk reduction measures in industries.

5.3 Distribution of Major Industries

This topic discusses the various major industries and the countries that own them.

5.3.1 Iron and Steel Industry- They produces iron and steel for other industries. They also follow the same three-step cycle that is input, process, and output. After that, they have given brief details of two major producers of iron and steel. One national and one international. The national location in Jamshedpur and the International location in Pittsburgh. Also, the topic tells about the largest industry in that area and its history.

5.3.2 Cotton Textile Industry- From ancient times the man has a weave and wear clothes. This topic discusses the revolutionization of textile industry and how it become handmade to machine-made. Like the iron and steel industry, this topic also discusses the history of the largest industry in an area. The national industry located at Ahmedabad and international industry locate in Osaka, Japan.

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