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Distance Traveled Formula

We all travel to some area or place in our day to day life. And during this travel, we cover some area which is distance. But, from the point of view of the physics distance is a type of measurement that includes many factors. Furthermore, in this article, we will discuss the distance traveled formula with examples. Let us learn the concept in easy terms.

Concept of Distance

It refers to the numerical measurement of how far an object is from a particular place. Also, in physics, it may refer to the physical length or evaluation based on the criteria. Thus, a distance from X to Y is exchangeable with the distance from Y to X. Besides these facts, we may calculate the distance in Physics by keeping in mind with various factors like the speed and time to cover a specific distance. Moreover, speed is the measure of how quickly an object or body travels from one place to another.

Distance Traveled Formula

In another way, the distance traveled is the path taken by some object to get from an initial point to an endpoint in a given period of time, with a certain velocity. As discussed earlier the distance formula is the combination of distance, speed, and time. Also, we can find anyone of them by interchanging the formula if two figures are known.

The Formula for Distance Traveled

Distance Traveled is defining how much path an object has covered to reach its destination in a given period. Or The distance traveled is the path taken by a body to get from an initial point to an endpoint in a given period of time, at a certain velocity. Besides, this can be understood in a better sense by seeing it in formula form. The formula for distance traveled is given

\(d= r \times t\)


d Distance traveled
r rate of travel
t time taken to travel

The distance traveled formula is useful to compute the distance of driving a car or swimming laps in a pool. While driving a car, the distance will be determined in kilometres, with the rate in kilometres per hour. While in swimming laps in a pool, the distance will be calculated in terms of laps.

Solved Examples for Distance Traveled Formula

Q.1: A loaded truck travels at the rate of 60 km per hour. Calculate the total time that the truck will take to travel 200 km?

Solution: Given parameters are,

Rate of the journey, r = 60 km per hour

Displacement, d = 200 km

Also, we know that,

Displacement \(d = r \times t\)

Thus, the time taken will be given as:

\(t = \frac {d} {r}\)

\(= \frac {200}{60}\)

= 3.33 hours

Therefore time is 3.33 hours.

Q.2: An athlete runs 50 m in 10 s time, while other runs at 200 m in 30 s time. Who is running faster?

Solution: First athlete displacement = 50 m, and time taken = 10 s

Thus his rate of speed will be as per formula,

\(r1 = \frac {50}{10}\)

r1 = 10 m per sec.

Displacement by the first athlete = 200 m and time taken = 30 s

Thus his rate of speed will be as per formula,

\(r2 = \frac {200}{ 30}\)

r2 = 6.67 m per sec.

Therefore, the 2nd athlete has traveled faster.

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