Treatment of Goodwill

Accounting Treatment of Goodwill- Death/Retirement of Partner

Goodwill represents the reputation of a firm which provides some extra benefits/profits in the future in comparison to other firms. This is treated as intangible assets in accounts. It is not a fictitious asset. Let us learn about the treatment of goodwill after the retirement or death of a partner.

Accounting Treatment of Goodwill- Death of a Partner

The need for the valuation of goodwill in a firm arises in the following cases:

  1. When the profit-sharing ratio of  partners is changed;
  2. In case a new partner is admitted;
  3. In case of death or retirement of a partner;
  4. When the entire business is sold;

In each of the above situations, we require to adjust the Goodwill. So, we value Goodwill by selecting any of the following methods.

Retirement or Death of a Partner: Accounting Treatment of Goodwill

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Methods for valuation of the Goodwill:

  • Average profit method
  • Super profit method
  • Capitalization method

Accounting treatment, in case of death of a partner

The retiring or deceased partner is entitled to his share of goodwill at the time of retirement or death because the goodwill earned by the firm is the result of the efforts of all the partners in the past. Since in future profits will arise because of the present goodwill.

The retiring or the deceased partner will not be sharing future profits. Therefore all continuing partners pay to retiring partner the share of Goodwill in gaining ratio. It is fair to compensate the retiring or deceased partner for the same. At the time of retirement or death of a partner, we value the goodwill on the basis of agreement among the partners.

After Goodwill valuation, The adjustment for goodwill will be made through the partner’s capital accounts. Following  is the journal entry:

Date Particular   Amount (Dr.) Amount (Cr.)
Continuing Partner’s capital A/c Dr. (in the gaining ratio)
     To Retiring /Deceased Partner’s capital A/c (with his share of goodwill)
(Being goodwill adjusted through partner’s capital account)

Note:- On the death of a partner; the amount payable to him is to be paid to his legal representatives.

Solved Question on Death of a Partner

Q: A, B, and C are partners sharing profits and losses in the ratio of 4:3:3 respectively. The accounts of the firm are made up to 31st December each year.

The partnership deed provides: In case of the death of a partner, the goodwill was to be valued at three year’s purchase of average profits of the three years up to the date of the death of the partner,  after deducting interest @8 percent on capital employed and fair remuneration of each partner. It is assumed, the profits are to be earned evenly during the whole of the year.

On 30th June 2016, A died. The remaining partners agree to adjust goodwill in the capital account. There is no amount of goodwill in the balance sheet.

Partners agree that for the purpose of valuation of goodwill the fair remuneration for work done by each partner will be ₹30,000 per annum and capital employed will be ₹3,12,000. B and C were to continue the partnership, sharing profits and losses equally after the death of A. The following are the profits of the earlier years before charging interest on capital employed.

2013 134400
2014 151200
2015 144000
2016 124800

Calculate the value of the goodwill and show the necessary adjustment thereof in the books of the partnership firm.

Ans: Computation of the value of goodwill:

(I) Average profit for three years, ending 30th June; before death: Amount Amount
Year ending 30th June 2014
        1/2of 2013 profits 67200
        1/2 of 2014 profits 75600 142800
Year ending 30th June 2015
         1/2of 2014 75600
         1/2of 2015 profits 72000 147600
Year ending 30th June 2016
          1/2of 2015 72000
          1/2of 2016 profits 62400 134400
Total 424800
Average profits 141600
(ii) Average future maintainable profits
     Average profits earner
   Less: partner’s earned 90000
   Less: 8%on capital employed 24960 (114960)
(iii) Goodwill@three years purchase 79920

Adjustment entry for Goodwill:

Date Particular Amount Dr. Amount Cr.
B’s capital account Dr. 15984
C’s capital account Dr. 15984
To A’s capital account 31968

Working Note:

Partner New share (+/-) Old share   Difference
A      – 4/10 = -4/10
B      1/2 3/10 = 2/10
C      1/2 3/10 = 2/10


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