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Selection Type Problems

In this article, we will learn about the selection problems that are very commonly asked in banking exams. In these questions the conditions present will let you make selections from a given set. You will have to identify the part that you can select and the part that can be left out. We will try and explain the topic based on some examples and after that. We will also see some questions for practice.

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Selection Problem

In this type of question, you have to select a team of say ‘a’ members from ‘n’ that are available for the selection. Here n > r and the committee selects a certain number of members. There are certainly some constraints which will influence this selection. The individual has to keep in mind the conditions and make the required selection. This will be better understood by seeing an example.

Selection Problems

Examples For You

Q. A team of five members is to be selected. There are five boys namely P, Q, R, S, and T are given and four girls namely W, X, Y, and Z for the selection. There are certain conditions for the selection. They are as follow.

P and Z are always together.

X and Y are never together.

Q and Y are never in the same group.

R and T always stay together.

X and S are never together.

Let us see more Questions

Q. If P and R are the two members of the group than the other members that cannot be in the same group are _______.

A. Q T Z

B. S T Z

C. T Z W

D. W X T

We know that when P is selected that Z should also be selected and when R is selected than T should also be selected. Thus Z and T will be the other two members of the group. The only option that does not have Z and T is the option (4). So the correct answer is (4).

Q. If the two members of the group are girls and S is one of them, then what will be the other members of the group?

A. W X Q R

B. W X R T

C. W Z P Q

D. W Z R T

If S is selected then we cannot select X. So the option (A) and (B) are not possible. P and Z should be in the same group. So option (D) negated. This leaves with the only option available to us i.e. option (C). So, the correct answer is (C).

Practice Questions

There is a group of people and it has 8 members in it. All of them(P, Q, R, S, T, U, V, and W) are planning to go for a boat racing. But the main problem is there were only two boats and the conditions were as follows:

– There can be a maximum of four people in one boat and maximum of five people in other.

– P will only sit with S but not with W.

– Q and R do not want to sit in the boat with S.

– U wants to sit in the four-sitter boat but with P and T and not with V.

Q. If V and W are sitting in the same four-sitter boat than who will be the other members of the boat?

A) S and T            B) Q and R             C) T and U            D) U and W

Ans: The correct answer is B.

Q. If P and T are in the same boat then who out of the following will not be in that boat?

A) S               B) U                   C) V                        D) All of these

Ans: The correct answer is C.

Q. To determine the seating order which statement out of the given statements in the question is not required?

A) Only 1st             B) 2nd only            C) Only 3rd             D) 4th only

Ans: The correct answer is A.

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