Alphabet Test

Alphabetical Quibble

All the competitive exams generally have three sections. One of them is Alphabet Quibble. In these three sections reasoning ability holds a special value. Alphabet Quibble test has special importance in this section. There are many types of problems that can be asked in this section. And today we are going to explain you in detail how these types of questions are solved.

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What is Alphabet Quibble?

These types of questions are usually of easy to moderate level. In these questions, you are provided with the alphabets from A to Z. It is important that you have knowledge of the alphabet in forward as well as backward sequence. The question is given in the form of puzzle and letters are also in this puzzle. You need to find the position of this letter. Sometimes a random series is given to you and you need to find the number of times a letter is repeating or the letter which is satisfying the conditions or the exact position of letter asked in the question.


Alphabet Quibble

Here below we are providing you with some of the sample questions. This will help you in understanding this section better. Also, this will help you with the type of questions asked in Alphabetical Quibble that can give you an idea of the questions asked in these competitive exams. After that practice questions will be given along with the answers so that you can have enough practice.

                Learn Alphabetical Order here in detail. 

Solved Questions On Quibble

Q. The following series is provided and you need to answer the question accordingly.

A B C D E F G H I J K L M N || O P R S T U V W X Y Z

In this series find the letter which is fifth to the left from the thirteenth letter from your right.

1. M           2. I

3. H           4. J

Alphabetical Quibble can be best solved by assigning the numerical value to each alphabet given in the series. And that is why it is important to know the number of the alphabet in the forward as well as the backward sequence along with their numerical value. In this question, the thirteenth letter from the right will be M and fifth from its left will be H. Thus correct answer is H which is the option (3).

Q. Based on the above series of English alphabets, if every alternate alphabet starting from C is deleted than which of the following alphabet will seventh from the left side of the series?

1. H           2. J

3. I            4.G

In this question, write all the alphabets in the sequential order, and after C alternatively, remove every alphabet and write the series again. Then the seventh letter from the left of the series will be J. Thus the correct answer here is the option (4).

Q. If the above series is written in reverse order than what is the eleventh letter of the fifteenth letter from your left?

1. V          2. W

3. D         4. X

Here when you write the alphabet in reverse order the fifteenth letter from the left will be L. Eleventh letter from the left of L will be W. Thus correct answer here is the option (2).

                                                                                           Learn Alphabet Series here. 

Practice Questions

All the questions are based on the English alphabetical order.

1. When you reverse the first half of alphabetical series, then which letter will be the ninth to the left of ninth which is from the right?

1. E           2. F

3. I           4. D

The answer is (3).

2. In the alphabetical series which letter will be the ninth to the left of the fifth letter which is from the right side?

1. K           2. L

3. M         4. N

The answer is (4).

3. In the alphabetical series which letter will be the seventh to the left of the twelfth letter from the right end?

1. G          2. H

3. I           4. J

The answer is (2).

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