Natural Resources – How to Reduce the Use of Natural Resources?

Natural Resources

The world is evolving at a faster rate. As things are becoming more and more advanced, there is less attention being paid to our environment. The industrialization is turning our planet into a concrete jungle. Similarly, we are using natural resources carelessly without paying heed to the fact that they are non-renewable. The inconsiderate consumption of these natural resources disturbs the environment and causes pollution.

Definition of Natural Resources

Natural Resources are those resources which can be found freely in nature. It is very useful for living organisms and does not necessarily require the help of humans to generate or produce. They are the essential elements needed for the survival of living beings.

natural resources

These resources comprise of lands, rocks, forests, water, fossil fuel, animals, minerals, sunlight, and air. We derive a number of things from these resources.

For instance, we get wind energy from the air. Further, coal gives us electricity and similarly, forests give us paper, wood, medicines and more. Thus, we see our entire being depend on natural resources greatly.

Ways to Reduce the Use of Natural Resources

As we all know, natural resources are quite significant but also non-renewable. Thus, we need to reduce the use of these resources to protect mankind and the environment of the earth.

Furthermore, this will also help in securing the future for our future generations. Therefore, the natural resources we conserve today will benefit our future generations.

There are various ways to conserve these resources. You can also incorporate many of them in your daily life without any hassle. You can reduce the use of natural resources through the following ways:

Save Energy

The majority of our energy is produced by burning fossil fuels. Thus, we see that once we start saving energy, we will naturally save our fossil fuels.

Moreover, as they are non-renewable, so we will save tonnes of oil, coal as well as natural gas through it. Similarly, it will also help in reducing air pollution.

You can save energy by walking more or cycling instead of using a motorbike. Opt for public transportation rather than driving a car all alone, or carpool. One can also prefer alternatives like solar power and biodiesel.

Most importantly, turn off the lights and fan when not in use. Replace all your old appliances with better and efficient ones. These little steps will have a huge impact on energy consumption.

Conserve Water

One cannot emphasize enough on the importance of water. It is indeed an essential natural resource which is not that abundant in supply.

Almost all the world is facing a water crisis in different regions. Conserving water has become the need of the hour.

You can bring change by changing your daily habits. Do not let the water flow while brushing teeth or washing utensils. Opt for buckets instead of showers, or take short showers. Further, do not overwater your garden and lawns.

Try to make do with a dry method instead of using water. For instance, wipe your cars with cloths instead of washing them daily. Use a mop to clean the floor instead of using a pipe which wastes too much water.

Reuse and Recycle

Always remember to reduce, reuse and recycle your old products or materials. Switch to e-books instead of buying hardcovers. Adopt a paperless lifestyle and use technology to keep soft copies of receipts, bills, chats, and more.

You can also reuse the cardboard boxes for storing stuff. Recycle plastic products to reduce the usage of plastic. Switch to cloth bags and reuse them instead of plastic bags.

Most importantly, spread awareness. Make people aware of the shortage and encourage environmental-friendly habits. Always remember, a little step can go a long way.

Solved Question for You

Question- Which of these is not a natural resource?

A. Water
B. Energy
C. Plastic
D. Air

Answer- Option C. Plastic is not a natural resource.

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