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Doctor Speech

One of the most sought-after professions in the world is definitely that of a doctor. As you all know, human beings experience a life which is filled with ups and downs and weakness and health. Similarly, to help with the weakness and health part, we have the noble profession of doctors. They are one of the most respected lots in society. And they rightfully deserve so because they dedicate their lives to the service of others. Read Doctor Speech here.

Doctor Speech

Importance of Doctor

A doctor is very selfless and devotes his life to help others. Moreover, they are the ones who relieve a person of their sufferings. Not only that, one can always trust a doctor to cure their illnesses. In addition, the sole purpose of a doctor is to make their patients lead a healthier and happier life.

It is a doctor indeed who works tirelessly to prevent any epidemics from spreading. Also, as the world is suffering from dangerous and deadly diseases like Coronavirus and Swine Flu, a doctor finds the cure.

They risk their lives to treat people with contagious diseases without caring for their own. In fact, so many doctors have lost their lives trying to save others from contagious viruses, natural calamities and more.

Further, they invest a lot of years of their lives in researching for the perfect cure until they reach success. One couldn’t have imagined in the yesteryears what a doctor can achieve now.

You can get an organ transplant for your damaged organ with the help of a doctor. In times of pain, a doctor tries their best to cheer up their patients. No matter how tired they are, they do their duty honestly.

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India’s Medical Scenario

India has a culture which believes in being of service to mankind. It is deep-rooted in our culture and it is also responsible for our doctors being so charitable and dedicated. In fact, the doctors of India are in very much demand globally. If you look at the statistics, you will find a large number of Indian doctors working in renowned hospitals internationally.

Moreover, India is said to have the largest reservoir of doctors. We have around 300 medical colleges so that means every year, 30,000 people become doctors. As India is a mix of rural and urban life, you will find doctors from cities to villages. Some work in hospitals while some practice in their private clinic.

As technology is advancing every day, the medical field is also not left behind. We see that the equipment and technologies are changing the face of hospitals. Thus, it means doctors also keep updating themselves with the latest facilities to keep up with the times. This includes performing complicated surgeries for the treatment of critically ill patients.

Therefore, we see that it is hard being a doctor. Yet, our doctors continue to do it every single day without any hesitance. Moreover, the different types of doctors of different medicines like Allopathic, Ayurvedic, Homeopathic, Unani and more are equally hard-working. They help mankind combat diseases and illnesses. Moreover, they also give a new life to their patients. Thus, we must all be forever indebted to this profession that strives to make our lives easier and free of sicknesses.

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