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Speech for Students

Speech on Corruption for Students and Children

Speech on Corruption

I welcome you all present here. I am here to present a speech on Corruption. By corruption, we mean that any dishonest or immoral behavior or activities that result in the gain of some powerful organization or people. Thus, corruption often results in loss to the weaker section of the society or organization. There are different forms of corruption. It includes extortion, nepotism, parochialism, bribery, patronage, cronyism, etc. Corruption may lead to human and drug trafficking, money laundering, police brutality, repression of opponents, etc.

Speech on Corruption


Forms of Corruption

A Bribe involves a payment made to any official for the exchange of use of his official powers. It involves two parties: the one who pays for any favor and the one who accepts the payment for official powers.

Influence peddling or trading in influence involves three parties to act. It means a person or organization selling their influence over the decision-making process so that a third party profits from it.

Favoring supporters (Patronage), favoring relatives (Nepotism) and favoring friends (Cronyism) of an official for private gain are forms of corruption. In these many incompetent people are leaders in the system over the able ones.

Illegal interference with the election process is Electoral fraud. The theft of entrusted public funds for personal benefit is Embezzlement.

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Effects of Corruption

Political effect: Corruption becomes a major roadblock for the rule of law and democracy. The political system loose its legitimacy when power is used for private advantage.

Economical effect: It depletes national wealth. The betterment of the communities and societies are compromised for the benefit of the profit of some officials, therefore, leads to the misuse of national resources.

Social effect: The community or society gives up trust in the system. This makes it even more challenging to remove corruption from the system.

Environmental effect: Corruption results in the degradation and exploitation of precious natural resources. This results in turbulence in the ecological systems.

Ways to fight Corruption

There are five ways of fighting corruption.

Effective law enforcement is the key to ensure the corrupt culprit is punished. For this purpose, we need a strong legal framework.

Steps focussing on improving financial management and strengthening the role of auditing agencies will help in curbing corruption. This will include transparent and participatory budgeting by local communities and local governments.

The tradition of government openness, freedom of the press, transparency, and access to information help in curbing corruption.

Strengthening citizens’ demand and empowering them to make government accountable is a great approach to build mutual trust between the government and the citizens.

The international financial system should be under the scanner to stop money laundering by corrupt officials. Hence, major financial institutes need to put a check to stop their banks and allied financial centers across the globe from accepting illegal flows of money.


To sum it up, Corruption is the biggest evil of any society. All necessary steps must be taken to eliminate this evil. Not only the ones with power but at times even the weaker section of the society tend to become a culprit in this.

I hope that from now on every individual will strictly oppose and prevent corrupt activities from occurring anywhere around us. Thus, this will ensure the complete socio-economic and political development of our society and country at large.

Thank you.

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