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English > Speech for Students > Welcome Speech for Farewell for Students and Children
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Welcome Speech for Farewell for Students and Children

Welcome Speech for Farewell

Greeting to our principal Mr. ___________, our vice principal _______________. A warm welcome to teachers and my dear students. Today I shall be presenting a Welcome Speech for Farewell. Bidding goodbyes are always hard for all of us. Today is a special day when we are gathered here to bid goodbye to our 12th standard students. In the passage of time, we need to bid goodbyes. This is the time of sentiments, expression of gratitude, reflection on past, ceremonial ritual and advice.

Welcome Speech for Farewell


Time of Sentiments

The thought that this is your last day at the school makes all of us emotional. You all have spent some of the best moments of your life here in this school. Along with acquiring bookish knowledge, you all have found friendship to cherish for a lifetime.

You all have learned to be cool and disciplined, to be punctual and relaxed, to be modern and elegantly poised, made mistakes and take responsibilities, being religious and scientific, all on this campus. The bookish knowledge would help you in your career but the other sentiments learned here will help you in making a good life ahead for you and your family and workplace.

Expression of Gratitude

On behalf of the principal and the teachers, I would like to express gratitude to all students for their hard work and enthusiastic participation in school activities and taking school name to greater highs. Your extraordinary performance in academics, sports, and extracurricular activities has made all of us proud of you.

Always remember that your performances were a reflection of tremendous support and motivation of our Beloved Principal and never-ending guidance, training and hard work of your energetic team of teachers. Looking at you all today makes us feel proud that we all have done a wonderful job in creating bright future citizens.

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Reflection of the Past

Students remember how nervous you all were on the first day of school. Everyone seemed strangers to you but now you know everyone in the staff and have made wonderful friends around you. Memories of loud laughing, sharing silly jokes, sharing lunchboxes during classes, reading novels, competitions amongst friends, making friends and mocking others will always be with you. These people are the reason you will have many memories, bitter or sweet but none to forget.


Students no matter what career path you choose, which country or city you settle in, how big or small your family would be – the manners, discipline, humanity, gratitude, and guidance you have learned here would lead your way in life.

Look forward and go ahead to see the new world. Our best wishes are always with you. Choose the wise and make us all proud of you. We wish you success in your life. The world is yours to conquer. On behalf of the entire school, we wish you all the best.

I would like to invite the Head captain to share his / her views. Then we start with our rituals of welcoming each 12th-grade student to stage to accept a token of appreciation from school. This would be followed by the clicking of a group picture. All out-going students are invited to have a meal with the Principal and teachers thereafter.

Thank you.

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