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Campus Ambassador

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It's time to give back to the community that helped you get into IITs. Toppr Ambassadors are representatives of in their communities, schools and coaching classes. Along the way you shall learn a lot about public speaking, marketing, sales and organization leaderships.

Responsibilities include:
• Conduct sessions to orient students on how to prepare for IITs, how to use Toppr effectively and the pitfalls to avoid in their quest to get into IITs.
• Popularize toppr in your circle.


•   IITian
•   Honest
•   Good communication skills
•   High energy levels
•   Social and outgoing
•   Loves to meet new people

What is Toppr?

We are India's most comprehensive education platform for classes 8 to 12. We build technology driven products that leverage the internet. We build personal learning products that work hard for each of our customers.

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Making the impossible possible. Everyday.


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