Content Development Intern

Mumbai Experience: 0 - 2 Years

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Content Development Intern

Internships | Mumbai | Upto 2 Years


From May 1 to Jun 30 interns will be working with the content development team at Toppr.
Content development as done traditionally involves developing questions on paper and uploading them as pdfs. At toppr, things are different. A question is useless without a rich set of data to validate its importance. So each question is categorized, then multiple students and teachers give it a difficulty rating and check it for errors. We then run them through our secret process after which it is sprayed with some magic stardust and unicorn hair. As a content development intern, you will working on these questions.

Stipend: Rs. 8,000 to Rs. 10,000 per month
Open positions:10
Starting date: 1 May 2014

Responsibilities include:
• Write solutions to questions
• Create summary sheets
• Create test series
• Review questions for quality check


•   Honest, Hardworking Team player
•   Good in Physics, Chemistry, Maths or Biology
•   Student at one of India's premier institutes

What is Toppr?

We are India's most comprehensive education platform for classes 8 to 12. We build technology driven products that leverage the internet. We build personal learning products that work hard for each of our customers.

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