Associate Product Manager

Mumbai Experience: 1 - 3 Years

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Associate Product Manager

Product | Mumbai | 1 - 3 Years


Ship products that students will love.
We want you to develop a vision for the product, through collaboration. Focus your team on the vision.
Assume responsibility and pace your team to release fast and often. Always keep the team moving.


The following will help you:
•   Previous experience as a web or mobile product manager
•   Understand the core problem before developing a solution.
•   Maintain a roadmap. Write clear specs. Create wireframes. Prioritize.
•   Create project checklists. Always.
•   Keep the communication open.
•   Empathize with the user. But, say no often.
•   Hold your head high under pressure. And your team's morale.

What is Toppr?

We are India's most comprehensive education platform for classes 8 to 12. We build technology driven products that leverage the internet. We build personal learning products that work hard for each of our customers.

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