Quality Analyst

Mumbai Experience: 1 - 2 Years

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Quality Analyst

Sales | Mumbai | 1 - 2 Years


Job Purpose/Objective - Under the direction of the Quality Team Leader / Quality Manager, Quality Analyst is responsible for auditing/monitoring the calls for all employees of Toppr.com. The incumbent will be responsible for the monitoring/auditing calls, feedback sessions, QA reports, identifying the defects in the process, maintaining parity in the process, make sure everything is going right in the process as per the guidelines laid down, identifying TNA and publishing reports/requirements, maintaining the QA data for the employees and the process, publishing daily reports, delivery and continuous improvement of Quality Sessions.

Essential Job Functions - Incumbent may perform any or all of the following:

• Building and maintaining the reputation and goodwill of the organization.
• Ensuring that the customers are treated justly and with due respect.
• Process improvement (Recommended trainings, modules which can be implemented directly or through training).
• Process analytics (TNA, Dead and Casual leads, Trending etc.)
• Deliver Quality & Quantity (Sales)
• Manage and maintain the quality of the process, delivery and continuous improvement of quality sessions in support of the organization’s needs.
• Utilize a variety of the feedback techniques, quality tools and practices to ensure maximum effectiveness of quality sessions.
• Monitor and measure effectiveness of all the feedback sessions and track the feedback implementation or the progress of the employee.
• Partner with individual departments to curb errors, outline defects, expectations and risks, to include specific parameters in the quality audit form.
• Proactively work with the management team to identify and resolve defects/errors.
• Performs other related duties as assigned or requested.


Essential Skills
• Quality Assurance (Voice) experience – proficient in auditing/monitoring calls, feedback techniques, using quality tools, PPT presentations, daily production reports on excel, good communication skills, critical thinking, time management, team building, etc.
• Minimum 6 months to 1 year experience as a Quality Analyst.
• Demonstrated ability to successfully develop and deliver flawless quality feedbacks, audit findings, fact findings, etc.
• High Energy, Enthusiastic, Motivational, Team player.
• Advanced excel knowledge.
• Knowledge about Basic Tools of Quality and how to use them effectively.
• Strong communication skills, both verbal and written. (English and Hindi)
• Computer literate with in-depth knowledge of MS office and web based systems.
• Strong history of executing the vision of senior management.
• Strong organizational planning, project management, problem resolution, communication, presentation, facilitation and influencing / motivational skills required.
• Strong people management and leadership skills.

Working days / Shifts
• Able to work a flexible schedule including weekends, holidays and shift window between 8am to 10pm.
• Able to stretch and work for long hours. (as per business requirement / whenever required)
• Able to deliver both Quality & Quantity hand in hand.

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